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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GrEeN lEaF cUz, May 26, 2004.

  1. iight, well my friend was having a big ass party as his house and i live pretty close to him and my sis was home from collage. so my friends brett alex and baker came over so we all went to pik up dutches. so my pot head friend alex was sitting in the bathroom rollin a nice thick 4 gram blunt. so we told my mom we were giong to walk to the kidz party becouse it was very close. so we all took a detore and were about to blaze up when my mom called me and said she found pot all over the bathroom floor and how mad she was and w.e so we didnt smoke but when to my friends party and chilled later the next day my dad told me that after i got yelled at my dad mom and her boyfriend bought an ounce and smoked most of it lol i hate my mom
  2. hehe ive had the same thing happen to me my parents are fucking hipocrits too but they arent pushing me about quitting any more
  3. ur dad, mom and your's mom's boyfriend? do they all hangout together?
  4. haha im a little curious too
  5. ahhahahahah shit sry my dad mom and my sis lol my bad
  6. my dad is so hypacritical, my mom is the opposite. she could care less if i smoked. thank god they are divorced.
  7. Shit, if my folks were smoking, I'd ask for a hit.

    It's not like you can hide the smell from (dry) stoners very well, anyhow.

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