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  1. My friend gave this funny looking feminized plant to me because he didn't have the resources to take care of it. I think it's already a couple months old. Other than obviously transplanting it into a bigger pot ( I was going to use some Miracle Grow Organic potting soil), what can be done? The plant is around 3 feet tall with a FAT stem, and I really don't want it to get bigger. Is there anything I can do at this point, or should I just let nature take its course? Any growing tips would be great. Thanks!

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  2. That is an incrediblely weird looking plant. Haha, I think that you should give it some blood meal to increase the nitrogen. It looks like it could use some nutes. You also should deffinately watter it a little bit more. Transplant now, and before you do make sure you have the correct potting soil to put down into the ground before hand. If your soil is rich in nutrients you can just put it right into the soil. Good luck, happy smokin!
  3. Are you sure that's cannabis?

  4. Looks kinda like a mexican tomato plant :p.

    Anyway, what nute ratio is the miracle grow you're planning on using? I use miracle grow brand soil as well, and out of experience I say that it's a good soil, but needs to be fed quite often. It tends to be a really light soil and goes through water like a beast (the more water it uses the more nutrients are flushed out), so you'll definitely wanna buy some nutrients to mix in with the water.
  5. uhh thats not weed
  6. Thanks for the help. Yes, I'm sure it's the mj...Smoked the strain he got the seed from, and also saw its siblings...not to mention it smells like it. I think someone referred to it as a "duckfoot" or something due to the leaves being abnormal.
  7. thats one weird weed plant,i would like to see how the flowers are gonna look on this.:confused:
  8. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. haha

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