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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JustAnotherKid, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Alright, So i work at a flower shop and one time me and one friend who i was working with at the time were rolling a joint in the back office. Our manager had a little cup of crushed peppers that she used on her food. What did we do? we only put about a bag worths of weed seeds into her food. HAHAHA! she never said anything about it but she probly ate them. Also!, we put some seeds into dishgardens and hoped they would grow, we thought it would be funny to a person laying in the hospital with a bud plant growing next to em. lol
  2. thats funny, but what if you got caught, though the chances of the seeds growning is slim to none, would it be worth the loss, cause you'd mostlikily be fired and arrested....
  3. It probly isnt worth it just becuase i might get in trouble like you said, But we have over 15 differant stores and i really dont think it would come back to me. Just my Two Cents
  4. yeah, thats funny as hell, if it actually would happen, i mean, though i cant grow at work, i get all my supplys and stuff there, and it rocks... since i work in a nursery nobody notices the strange stuff i buy... since everything has to be perfect for me... noone notices me sitting in the back room mixing soil to the right ratios, and ph levels..... plus buying lights, and fert. and loads of castings... perfect cover... and i also like working with the flowers too...

  5. I did about the same thing but put the crushed red peppers in the joint. I had been chopping peppers to can and every time I took a hit, I got pepper juice on my lips and on the joint from my fingers. So I decided to share the pepper experience with whoever had the next joint. I told them it was hot mexican weed.
  6. haha, funny stuff.
  7. hey ganjaguy.. i NEED a job... and im too lazy to go out and try... what kind of requirements do most nurseries ask for???

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