funny ass south park

Discussion in 'General' started by Foreman, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. did anyone seee the south park where all the kids go binging ion cough syrup and then stan starts trippin out. it was fuckin HILariousit should be on next wednesday. i suggegst you check it all.
  2. yeah but nothing beats critter christmas. Watch that shit high.
  3. yeah i saw that one too. "you wouldn't kill me would you sant..BANG. ha ha that was awsome.
  4. Critter Christmas fucked me up for the first 8-10 minutes. It was all so cheezy...I was like "Surely, there's more!" Then the critters freaked out on their anti-christ kick and it got good. STAN!!!! I loved the way he argued with the narrator and made little comments but the end...the end killed me. CARTMAN!!! OMG...that was the best.
  5. finally saw the quest for ratings show, and I have to say that while every part of how they were tripping out is exactly what that shit can be like, i found it disapointing. Since i was also robo sitting around I really, REALLY wanted to see either more of craigs show with the animals, or more cough syrup tripping.
    wow, im fucking stoned.
  6. I have 3 episodes recorded to watch and the quest for ratings is one. I'm going to get high and watch them in a little while.
  7. im going to try to find critter christmas online tonight and if i do ill post it here

  8. man that was sooo bad and naughty, but I sat there, glued to the set laughing my ass off
    :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:
  9. The tripping one was funny but mostly because of what dorks they were for tv. I was dying. Wendy...OMG...cunt aminator...that made me scream....I rewound her rap three times and ended up on the floor, it was hilarious.

  10. The quest for rating one was a pretty good one. Not as good to me at the towlie episode, but still one of the funniest ones ive seen.
  11. <<sings>> its a woodland critter chirstmas! HAIL SATAN!....god that episode was funnier than hell, the towlie one is bad ass too, what about the one where mr. makie gets kicked out of south part for drugs? "now whoever has the marijuana, just pass it back to the front mmkay."

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