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funny as...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by bUdMoNkEy, Jan 3, 2004.

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  1. ...last night my younger cousin had a night out with mates in London...when the pubs closed they decided to try \'London\'s finest\'...so searched for, and found a \'Walk Up\' in Soho: an open door down one of the back alleys with a piece of paper stuck on it ...stating a girls name and her stats. Up the stairs he went, finding himself in a grim apartment... and greeted by a wizzened old hag who thrust a \'pricelist\' in his face...he was then pushed through another door to be greeted by \'Annabel\': a mid twentys Latvian/Russian? blonde lady who apparently was miserable as sin but quite fit-looking. Before any action was seen he had to \'tip\' the old hag, then was asked what he\'d like from \'the menu\'. He chose the \'1 hour session for £80\' (he must have money to burn!)...and got down to the deed...problem was, the old hag outside repeatedly poked her head round the door asking him to \'hurry up\' as they were closing shortly...he argued in his pissed state that he\'d \'paid for the hour and was having the hour\'...problem was, the hag left the door slightly open on leaving the room and his mates (waiting outside in the hall) could see all the action...my cousin\'s arse pumpin up and down...\'Anna\' givin him head...and ridin him \'cowboy\'...everything! The alcohol - along with his friends yells of \'it\'s like a penis, only smaller\' and other such shouts of abuse/encouragment (which lead to them being thrown out) meant he rapidly lost the will - and the capability - to perform any longer...he left after 20 mins, red faced and frustrated. I larfed my ass off!!!...
  2. LOL That\'s one of the funniest things I\'ve read in a while.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  3. ...yea, i\'ll be sure to tell my cousin his misfortune has made others chuckle!!...

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