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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by poondaddy, May 21, 2004.

  1. Ok this is an old story but somthing reminded me of it so ill post it....

    Ok so a few months back i was just hanging out, having a session, doing the same old stuff. After were done a buddy of mine turns the t.v. and puts it on a porno. So were all just chillen out, talkin and stuff and the dude who put the t.v. on is really the only guy watching it. Well when hes watching, sumones ass pops up in the screen, cant see the face...just the ass. So he says "damn, thats a nice ass!" Well, as u might of turned out that it wasnt the chick in the porno vids ass, lmao it was the guys! Well needless to say we chewed on him all day and still tease him bout it.

    Sorry if this doesnt make sense....:)
  2. haha lolthat was a good story it made me laugh
  3. something similar happened to me yesterday... my friend and i were driving by the beach and far off in the distance i thought i saw a blazin hot chick wearing one of those white tennis skirts (was near a country club, so that sort of thing is not uncommon around there). as we got closer, turns out it was a 90 year old lady. was pretty funny.

  4. Lol i think everybody has done that one
  5. Oh god you just reminded me of Matrix Reloaded!

    Whos ass is that? I wonder?
  6. allsfair wut? are u baked right now
  7. hahaha thats soo funny.. you should make fun of him every time you see him lmao!
  8. ^^^

    we do all the time lol...he gets so pissed....i would too if i was him. Thats so embarrassing.
  9. I needed a good laugh :D

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