funniest video thread

Discussion in 'General' started by IamDaBeast, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. its a guy prank calling a gamestop hahahahahaha its sooooo hilarious lol
  2. As funny as it is to watch doing it yourself is the best.
  3. It wasnt funny.
  4. hahah fo sho. hes so good at it thowhen hes like."no, it also crushed my heart", and "no, its the morning over here" hahahahahah shit cracks me up
  5. whoever u r, stop bein a fuckin cunt:rolleyes:

  6. First of all, that was ignorant. Dont throw out insults.

    Secondly, it wasnt funny. The prankster wasnt clever and there was no build up to a big finish. Posting that vid is a waste of time to other members here who actually click the link. Its not worth watching, and definately not worthy of posting a link to it.
  7. it truly was not funny at all
  8. u guys r too serious, loosen up.
  9. I am loose. Funny is funny, and that video isnt.
  10. ok then why have u posted 4 times in this "lame" thread then? the things u guy try to argue about:rolleyes:
  11. The thread is interesting.
  12. Wow, man, what's your problem? That's no way to talk to a lady.
  13. thank u for sayin something positive:D haha y dont ya post a video?
  14. dude, dont start:rolleyes:
  15. Uh, excuse me, you started this. You owe her an apology.
  16. Maybe sooner or later. If the video is on topic to a current thread or conversation. Otherwise, people dont need my help surfing YouTube.
  17. dude ur pitiful. cat wait till tomm wen u get banned hahahaha. cunt
  18. ok, nvm. this thread got destroyed hahaha im out.

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