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Funniest thing you have done while high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PnP420, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I've done so many funny things...idek post!
  2. one time when I was really drunk and really high, i snorted a line made from triscuit. It hurt really bad because it was the pepper kind.
  3. Fail

  4. I noticed you've been on here for one day and already have like 6 pointless threads. Learn to follow the written (and unwritten) rules (like posting things like this and all your other threads) or please remove yourself from GC
  5. Most of them were questions he had. He's new, so relax and let him learn.
    Also, I've seen many threads similar to this "most embarrassing thing you've done high" and others like that, so this thread isn't very pointless.
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    You contradict yourself. It's pointless because it already exists, so why make another? Use the search bar.....
  7. #7 PnP420, Aug 9, 2011
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    Dude shut the fuck up. Like he said I'm new here.

    We can do without the name calling! 420!
  8. People man,if you dont like the thread,ignore it instead of wasting time coming on here and arguing instead of answering the question.
    Get used to this man,there are lots of haters who want to put you down in here,but theres cool people to.
    And the dumbest thing iv done high is go to sleep.after smoking three gs,total waste of a high
  9. Yeah!!! I hate when people do that def a waste. Unless your smoking to sleep.
  10. Burnafewdown you should chill out,,,maybe smoke more,,,,u seem to have the mentality of a wound up republican.

    anyway too many things have been hilarious, and they are all for the most part really insignificant, but I thought were the funniest thing in the world
  11. Last New Years, I was blazing with about 8 of my friends. We were all really blazing from the pineapple express we were smoking. Anyway, we were walking down the train tracks behind my neighborhood, one of my friends stops all of us as we were walking, looks at us all and says, "Guys, I don't smoke." With the straightest face ever. I busted up laughing so hard.
  12. Hahahahahaha thats funny

  13. Similar =/= the same.
    Chill man, bad vibes everywhere
  14. I was snowboarding totally ripped at the end of this season (not uncommon at all). There's this side trail I always take with a cool little stump to bonk at the end, and you have to push tree branches out of your way to get through it. Every time I had hit it before (60+ days easy) the ground was totally covered.

    Well this one time, I fly through the skinny ass trail, and I push the branches away like always. Due to my extreme highness, I notice the ground is only partially covered in snow :eek:. As I move to stay on the snow, I realize I forgot about the stump I'm supposed to bonk as I'm flying straight at it. I tried to jump it, but It was too late...

    So I ran into it and faceplanted in the ground. Right under the chairlift full of people...I was totally fine...but I was so embarrassed:eek: I left shortly after that...
  15. Hahaahahahah dude thats hilarious
  16. When I first started smoking I picked up a fat 10 bag from my dealer but it was some really good weed which I wasnt used to. Smelled great and super crystallized but anyways I went and picked it up then drove over to my friends house.

    So I get there and smoke all of it and was disappointed because I didnt feel much for as good as the weed looked but within about 10 minutes I realized I was blown, I was so high that I couldnt even read letters just looked like a blur, then the munchies kicked in and I thought it would be a good idea to cook some chicken strips in his deep fryer.

    So I get the fryer done and it feels heavy as hell so I plug it in and turn it on max temp then go sit on his couch, about 30 minutes later I wake up to the smoke alarm and my friend saying "YOU BROKE MY DEEP FRYER". So it turns out the deep fryer was heavy as hell because all the accesories and such were shoved inside of it and I plugged it in and melted all of the shit for it.
  17. The 7975 of this same thread.
  18. Holy shit lol
  19. #19 BurnAFewDown, Aug 10, 2011
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    Mods? Please? Language like that isn't acceptable. Please refer to the rules before posting further, and learn to use the search bar
  20. #20 BurnAFewDown, Aug 10, 2011
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    Maybe I am? And maybe I'm just mad cuz my last hash pick up gave me shitty head aches. Or maybe I'm just irritated that ppl can't follow rules

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