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Funniest/Scariest site I've seen in a while... Jesus Christ.

Discussion in 'General' started by TheCaterpillar, May 17, 2010.

  1. "Marijuana has a very distinct smell similar to a skunk's spray."

    If only skunk's spray smelled like that
  2. damn tey had me nailed as a kid only i was ballin so i didnt ask for moneys lol. that part about the beverage made me shit a brick tho haha
  3. anyone else read thaty entire thing in morgan freemans voice as if he were discribing what your watching on discovery channel? ie.

    Morgan freeman"And now in typical.... stoner fasion....the male stoner wanders into the kitchen to seak out new and exciting foods...for his food pallet is uaually not so eratic..The female stoner is left back in the den tending to the runt of the smoke circle, the sketcher... who seems lost..and frightened."
  4. that kinda shit make me paranoid haha
  5. This shitty website is funny sure, but it's more disappointing than anything else. They failed all over the place. I mean, there's even a picture of 2 joints labeled "Eye Drops" on one of the pages.
  6. HAHAHAH!!!!!! I LOLed so HARD!!!
  7. Seriously...

    There is a very long list of paper-based products that I would use before a paper lunch bag.

    I've never once heard of that, what the fuck?:laughing:
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    It’s in the eyes..."chinese eyed"

    Man, that's racist...

    I thought this was going to be interesting.

    Funny/Scary site is youtube by far.

    However, I was into some heavy stuff a few years ago and found a site that showed people committing, well, you know...

    Finally, Ill Dept Of Corrections. Inmate search. Scary and funny faces there.
  9. I like how the first one is 5 grams = 1 joint?


    .5 grams soz. epic fail.
  10. I think the whole site qualifies for an epic fail. lol

    But yeah, seriously... a .5g joint... wtf.
  11. [quote name='Chaohinon']This kind of overbearing, crazy bullshit is why kids turn to drugs in the first place.

    If your child is hooked on drugs, then you are a bad parent. And no, that doesn't mean you need to start "disciplining" them or watching their every move. It means, for once in your sad life, start showing a little compassion and understanding.

    If your response to discovering your child does drugs is to start yelling, screaming, calling them a degenerate, and forcing them to take piss may as well just hand them a fucking gun and tell them to get it over with. You're not helping in the slightest.[/QUOTE

    exactly, you touch on so many key points here. I know for a fact cuz I see it in my daily life

    but yeah I recently read somewhere that people can not be controlled through prohibition, it just doesn't work that way.
  12. "If your underage kid has their hands on a High Times, they smoke for sure, and most likely have an interest in growing."

    What? i had one when i was like 10.
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    Marijuana has a very distinct smell similar to a \t\t\t\t\t\t\tskunk's spray. It may also be compared to the smell \t\t\t\t\t\t\tof burnt lawn clippings.

    LOL wtf???

    In some cases, a device is crafted to blow smoke through, dubbed a “toke blower”, in an attempt to disguise the smell

    Uhhh, a sploof?? lol wtf kind of corny ass name is a "toke blower"

    Also, how is it that the lowest price (80 bucks) for a half oz, would be 20 bucks less if you bought 2 halfs to make a whole oz with their minimum price of 180?

    And who the hell pays 180 an oz for 10 dollar a gram reggie?

  14. don't forget to burn a dried maple leaf too!
  15. I thought that too lol. we call it a dube tube lol.

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