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Funniest High Moment

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Too high to care, May 29, 2013.

  1. What was your funniest high moment?

  2. My funniest was when I burped some smoke. I was like OH SHIT!!1 My brother started laughing his ass off!
  3. I was 16 and there was about 5 of us smoking in this kids attic, which was also his room. He said it was cool that we smoked blunts inside so we had 2 lit at a time. Once we're done we hear pounding on his door. His dad was trying to get in the locked door, the whole time saying "I don't like that smell"! He spent about 15 miutes holding the door shut and telling his dad "That smell is because you cut the grass". The whole time we were up the stairs just dying. I've never laughed so much.
  4. fuckin 6th period, reading to my class up front, and I burp a little smoke out and my teacher looks at me like WTF? I told her I was a dragon and sat down. lol so glad i'm outta there.
  5. Fuck dude

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  6. I was with a few mates and this wasp was on its back trying to fly and kept spinning around, couldn't stop laughing.
  7. One time i was looking for my glasses and my friend was laughing at me and I got pissed that he was laughing. He finally took them off my face. I was wearing them the whole time!! That's a strong indicator that i should cut down on my consumption.
  8. one time we're doing my buddy's brakes and all blazing.  He wasn't a big smoker and we had top shelf, so he was obviously blazed beyond comprehension while we went to town on the car
    I asked him to help by removing a circlip and he couldn't figure out how it worked.  I showed him how to use the spreaders to remove it, and he busts out laughing hysterically for literally 15 minutes.  We tried asking him what was so funny, and he couldn't catch his breath to tell us.  Finally he was able to tell us it looked like the clip was trying to suck it's own dick, and we joined in the laughter :laughing:
  9. this just happened yesterday
    my friend finishes rolling the blunt and passes it around to show how clean of a roll he did. one of the homies sticks it out the window and everyone is like what the hell are you doing showing it to the whole world and hes just like "getting some fresh air"... #dead
  10. Me and my friend were smoking weed and I looked over and saw him laughing. I asked why and he said he just swallowed the joint. Asshole.

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  11. Oh shit i wish i could remember. i've laughed so hard numerous times. i just dont remember stuff like that for some reason :(


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