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  1. sprayed my plant with organic fungicide a few weeks ago and it left white residue all over my leaves. it washes off with water and a little rubbing but i dont want to destroy my trichomes. was this suposed to happen?

    Fungicide, pesticide BAD BAD!

    Things like organic and biological sound great but don't forget : so are diseases and poisons! Read the label of the bottle you used!

    I sure hope it doesn't read : don't drink this stuff or else....
  3. the only ingredient is sulfur...its a completely organic garden fungicide by 'Safer' for flowers fruits and vegetables useable up to one day before harvest.

    it hasnt affected my plant any way except for leaving white spots.
  4. Have you considerd what happens when burning sulphur?

    H2S, SO2 and CS2 make a pretty tough smoke buddy!!!!
  5. i dont plan on smoking any leaves, which is where the sulfur is... i didnt spray the buds, but a little must have gotten on them from the mist... i hope it doesnt f- it up that bad.
  6. I hope you are right buddy!
    I'd hate to hear you grew a plant but cannot smoke it.
    Good luck I hope it doesn't taste bad!

    One thing I cannot let go out of my mind easily.

    What sulphur based chemical is white? I figured they'd be yellow.
  7. sulphur is very commonly used as a fungicide.
  8. Most plants sprayed with sulphur based fungicides are not smoked.
    The burning of sulphur will produce H2S, SO2 and CS2. These are all mighty dangerous for your health.
    Fungicide, pesticide, herbicide, insecticide, genocide : BAD BAD BAD!

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