Fungicide Question!

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  1. me and my fiance are starting our first hydro system in a closet in our apt. i went out shopping after drawing the schematics and planning it all out. all went surprisingly well and the only thing im worried about is the safety of my Fungicide. heres a link!

    "Common animal pests include spider mites, aphids, thrips, and whiteflies... Cannabis, especially densely budded indica strains, is also vulnerable to botrytis, and gray bud mold". -Cannabis Companion by Steven Wishnia

    this stuff is a 3 in one product. fungicide insecticide and miticide. of the listed common ailments this stuff takes care of aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites (as listed). its labeled as all natural and safe for roses flowers vegetables ornamental trees shrubs fruits and houseplants so it sounds safe but i could REALLY use a second third and fourth opinion to ease my wracked mind. thx city! :yay:
  2. 7 views no replies someone around here has to know something =P
  3. Yes. If it is safe for vegetables which we eat, than it is certainly safe for the buds which we smoke.
  4. it's just neem oil. Go ahead and spray away.
  5. thx alot guys let it die!

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