Fun with Fireworks

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  1. Last July 4th me and a couple of my buddies decided to do something we've never done before. We were gonna have a war with fireworks.

    (all takes place around midnight)

    So were sitting at my buddies house with about five bricks of firecrackers per person (4 people), and we had these gernade looking things with a long wick that your put in a long plastic tube.

    So we blaze and decide to head out to the spot. Which is right across the street. Its a lot just full of sheds(like half a football field full of sheds). So were just standing in the middle of all the sheds waiting for someone to make the first move. And without me knowing my friend lites a pack of firecrackers and sticks it in my hood. Everyone shoots off in different directs and shit. So we've been messin around for about 40 minutes now.

    So I'm just sittin on top of a shed waiting to make a move. And all of a sudden I see a spotlight on the road shining the sheds. I yell cops. I'm laying face down on top of the shed when all of a sudden I see my buddy running past me with a cop following him. There was a fuckin pile of wood. My friend jumped over it and the cop that was chasing him fuckin tried to jump over it but his feet clipped it. He went face first into the dirt, I just started laughing my fuckin ass off. By god it was the finest thing I've seen in my life. He got up and told me to get down, so I just started running on the top of the shed with my fuckin pants falling off from all the packs of firecrackers. I was running full speed across the sheds and this 10 foot gap looked like a 2 foot gap. I go to jump it and guess what. I miss the footing and land with my front body hitting the shed. I got some scraps on my stomache but nothing bad. I so get up and start running to my right when BAM out of nowhere I run into a fuckin shed. I layed there for a couple minutes and moaned and growned. I got back up and ran the other direction, didn't see one sign of cops. I book back to my friends house.

    When I get there only one of the fokes was there. We just chill for 15, 20 minutes. Wait for the heat to cool of.

    We go back to the shed and look for the other two. We find them in a shed just chillen. We said fuck it and just hot boxed a shed. After that we went back to finishing our little game. The cops never came back.

    I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.:wave:
  2. ahahahhaahaha id love to see the cop fall haha
  3. Fuckin awesome. U hotboxed in the shed the started the game again, amazing!
  4. +rep for a fuckin awesome story
  5. ahaha awsome, i love success stories of fleeing from police.

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