Fun things to do while stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by stoned_soldier, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. What are some of your favourite things to do wile stoned? The wickedest thing that comes to mind for me is when I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II in French. The opening scene is so funny.
  2. tonight im gonna play some starcraft once i get baked, but that wont be until midnight maybe.. a good game of starcraft is fun, because i get really into the game.. unless im in a fuck around mood, then ill just make tons of engineering bays and float them all over the map.
  3. Speaking of Starcraft, once after having like 5-6 cups of coffee I played Starcraft and one of my marines started to talk to me in one of my cousin's voice. Soooo trippy.
  4. ........... ya, love that hallucinogenic coffe ............
  5. lol, where can i get this coffee!?!
  6. Video games
  7. i listen to music and chill and eat everything in my fuggin kitchen, as well as high drives, its so nice just to relax and feel the wind, oh yea i got my 3d glasses on now im cool you betta watch yo self!! and i watch porn...
  8. Sex is number 1 when you're stoned, drunk, sober, or in any state of conscienceness.

  9. In Canada my friend... Tim Horton's...
  10. Really fun things to do while high is either two things go outside and do stuff chase a dog climb a tree look at the clouds and take a ride on pegs (VERY TRIPPY) or stay inside watch some good TV mostly cartoons i like Ed Edd and Eddy Pokemon and that kind of trippy weird asian shit listen to music anything trippy my favorite is Reanimation songs from Linkin Park and stuff and pink floyd and just chill inside and you can smoke with a dog.
  11. hah im stoned all the time so basically i just work and shit and just do everything normal but get ripped before everything
  12. Go to McDonalds, fun times sitting in there, or at Lookout point in my town.
  13. Read National Geographic. Or just look at the pictures.

    Fucking. Amazing.
  14. Play chess.
  15. Listening to music is great, but listening to Jazz when I'm just chilling baked out of my mind has got to be some of the best shit around.

    That's one of the many infinite (literally, infinite) things you can do with your favorite lady in green. ;)
  16. I'm always a fan of being spontaneous when I'm baked. I enjoy going outdoors or doing things I wouldn't normally do. New experiences.

    I also enjoy doing some urban exploring (for photography and all).

    being out on the water or just driving around on a boat is always so fucking nice and relaxing.

    And I always have my acoustic with me (or electric), so I'd say I play guitar just about every time i'm stoned. (and when I'm not).

    Just a few ;)

    Oh, and starcraft: Broodwar used to be my shit! I played that game ALL the time. I hope SC2 is just as good, though it'll be hard to beat such a well balanced game. But hey; it's blizzard so we know they'll take their time on it and do things right - even if they go bankrupt in the process.

    Take it easy,
  17. ride my bike like a maniac down a steep ass hill

  18. The absolute 2 best things we ever did were in Vancouver, Canada and Amsterdam. We got so completely baked and then walked around in a strange city (both are pretty tolerant towards weed as long as you don't act like an idiot).

    In Vancouver, we got some BC Bud, smoked it outside our hotel, and then walked through the city. Ended up in a Tim Hortons (Canadians love this coffee shop for some reason). I tried to order one cookie, but couldn't even remember what I was doing. When she rang up my bill, it came to $42! That brought me back to reality long enough to get out of there (wiht the cookie).

    In Amsterdam, our fav coffee shop is the Dampkring (2nd best weed only to Canada's BC Bud!). We smoked some Cheese and then walked out of the shop. An hour and half later, we were so lost, sunburned and dehydrated that we had to take a taxi to find our hotel. I filmed the entire adventure and we still laugh our asses off everytime we watch it. We also smoked cheese again on our way to Paris on a high speed train. Had a little bit of a panic attack on that trip. Trains and weed do not go together at all. Not recommended!

    Smoke responsibly and stay safe!
  19. how the hell can you spend 42 bucks in tim hortons?!
  20. holy fuck, this thread is from 2003. How the hell did it get bumped from six years ago? lmao!

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