Fun things to do when your high...Besides eating.

Discussion in 'General' started by EASYlivin, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Everytime I smoke with my friends, we waste our entire high just piggin out. When I smoke by myself I usually try very very hard to stay clear of food because I dont want to get all burnt out and waste my time eating when I could be listening to music or doing something amusing.

    What are some fun things to do when you guys are baked? Im a night time smoker and I remember back in the days me and my friends would go on walks and get super baked at like 12am and hide from cars. So fucking fun! But now theyre all lazy bums, and im the only one that wants to be active when im high.

    Is there something wrong with me or do you guys want to get a rush when you smoke like me, instead of just eating and sittin on a couch.:smoking:
  2. Play drums, skateboard, smoke more..
  3. yeah dude i know what u mean, during the daytime i at least want to go on a nature walk with some jacks, but my friends all just wanna sit down and watch tv or something.
  4. I'm like you, I try to stay active when I'm high. Some suggestions would be working out, going to a movie, zoo, aquarium, museum, go hiking, go swimming, more will come if I think of some other things I like doing when I'm high. Hope you like my ideas :p
  5. one thing i did today that i alwasy enjoy doing is sneaking up on my cat and scaring him and chasing him around the house like im in a fucking loony bin.
    oh and i think theres a thread on this somewhere in this city.
  6. I LOVE swimming in cold water when I'm high it feels so good! I write songs and make chord progressions on my guitar too. Call some girls and talk with music in the background
  7. Playing basketball
    Going to the beach
    Disc Golf
    Going on walks

    All that shit is fun to do when high that requires atleast a little energy or motivation.

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