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Fun things to do high as hell in ur room late at night

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by HokemBokem, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. I was wondering what you guys do in your room late at night when blazing, i always get so high and then i have nothing to do
  2. I jam out to some heavy metal, Rammstein , and chill on the web.
  3. I always listen to beats, and watch whatever looks cool on the tube, or play video games, or eat and drink, cant do much else with parents and whatnot. But yea mostly listen to music and shit
  4. music.. get some pussy man thats #1
  5. do what im doing hang out and listen to music and watch adult swim
  6. fuckyea family guy and that meatwad and milkshake shit and mxc , cops is real funny too ... listen to some music and munch some beaver and some food
  7. When I get high in my room I usually watch TV or a movie. Gotta have the mucnhies too :) Love ya, Baby boy brownie
  8. Lol gotta play some x box n watch ne form of televison possible. MUSIC is a must gotat have some tunes flowing. But this is only if Pussy isnt available. lol
  9. Eat,drink,watch tv and get stuck 4 hella long.I Love it
  10. right now im waiting for my mom to go to bed so i can blaze up
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  11. So I just blazed heavely in my room, i am so god damn high right now heh. But anyway after i finished smokin i ran out of air spray so i had to spray cheap cologne all up in my room. So right now it smells like shit and im currently fanning that shit out the window. And thats my high ass time
  12. i just lay down on my bed and listen to the grateful dead......i get such a rush from just laying down and listening to music when im high.
  13. I get loads of munch in my room put some tunes on lie in my bed naked and watch something strange on tv, then laf my tits off at it.
  14. Well, here's what I usually do when I'm blazing in my room...

    Play Halo or some other X Box game
    Play PS2
    Play games on the computer
    Browse forums
    Listen to music on the computer
    Invite some friends over (depending on what time it is)
    Talk on AIM
    Eat and drink
    Clean out some of my pieces
    Break up buds if I haven't already

    Guess that's about it
  15. i usually go out on my back porch to burn when its late...i don't have to deal with making my room smell nice, its just easier. i chill online, play counterstrike or bf1942, listen to music. eat. that's pretty much it. then i try to lay down and sleep before i lose my buzz.

  16. that was so fucked up!!!!

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