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  1. I'm looking around the internet for some music software. Not like Limewire, but something where I can record my own voice, singing/talking and edit it up. Nothing professional, just a basic program I can play around with. Would love it if it was centered around the electronic and techno genre as well. Anyone know of one that's cool?
  2. this is what you're looking for... it's excellent: check it out

    great program for both starters and vets of electronic/techno/hip-hop..

  3. well

    Techno is mostly made with synthesizers, software or hardware and I don't know of any open source audio program that is compatible with those.

    Audacity is generally considered the best free audio program.

    You could try the demo of FL Studio
  4. FL studio is a good start if your on Windows. You can record your voice and you can make beats and stuff. That's where I started. Audacity is cool but it's limited.

    If your on Mac, Garageband is the obvious answer.
  5. Ableton is great for house/techno, im pretty sure its got a vocoder.
  6. This. Completely right I can't believe I forgot it.
  7. I use CoolEdit. It's pretty old... I'm sure it's been around since the mid 90's. I use it to make ringtones and record music straight from my friend's guitar.

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