fun little thing to try

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokinGirly, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. make sure you got some headphones and being high for this tripped me out even more

    but this shit is awesome

    just close your eyes and make sure there is no noise and put on the headphones and listen

  2. That was fucking awesome. It actually sounds like a bag is being placed over my head, and the
    whisper scared the fuck out of me the first time, I actullay jumped up from my seat. +rep
  3. wow amazing that scared me when he used the scissors i was holy shit dont cut my ear
  4. dude i know its so awesome

    i was like wtf WHERE ARE YOU
  5. Lol that is awesome! Use high quality headphones and its amazing!
  6. HOLY SHIT that freaked me out dude I really thought my ear was going to get cut off
  7. its one the coolest things ever isnt it yay :D:D
  8. That was cool as hell, found an even better one in related, about 7 minutes long.
  9. If you guys liked that, I suggest you all open up your favorite torrent site in your browser and type in "hemisync" or "hemi-sync". Or better yet.. have a sample here:

    But download the huge file thats like a gig and do all of them. You'll look at the world a bit differently afterwards.

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