FUN internet convos while high

Discussion in 'General' started by andi, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. okokok. so all of us come home, maybe not all of us. talk on the computer and type other words but meaning others? i do this all the time... heres an example
    WHILE HIGH!! :bongin:
    <DIR>i keep it in a hello kitty corn purse in my purse

    --- anyway.
    some pretty funny things happend while high...
    or when you cant understand something easy..
    that happen to you guys?..
    post !!! :smoke:

    another recent good time:

    anyone know the song 'wow, i can get sexual too' by say anything
    lol in the beginning it says
    If I die and go to hell real soon

    i sang it to a friend and said.. if i die, ill go to hell real sooon
    it was hillarious.
    i hope im not a complete retard anyway.

  2. me(12:19:32 AM): ya so today at work some lady brought her retarded son in and when she wouldnt buy him candy he kicked over the whole dam shelf
    friend(12:20:41 AM): retards should just be like
    friend(12:20:43 AM): locked up in cages or put in a zoo
    me (12:20:47 AM): hahahah exactly bro
  3. haha nice
  4. this isnt a convo but just a funny comment i wrote one night on myspace

    "if i were a dinner of sanchez, and he was your burritos sister.

    well then....i guess i would be a bryce.

    but seriously."

    i discovered it the next day and laughed my ass off. it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever
  5. The most fucked up comment I have ever left someone on myspace was this

    "I Love you, For I am A Girl"

    1. I dont remember leaving the comment
    2. It was a hilarious comment, it made her laugh for a good 10 minutes.
    3. I am a guy
    4. I love Marijuana

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