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  1. hey GC this is my first journal, I've had a few grows in the past but it's been over 3 years now. Just trying to relearn everything and not make mistakes.
    The plants are indoor currently with CFL's. The setup is a small box with 6 CFL's, a custom carbon filter with fan. Temps and humidity are unregulated currently(I know bad choice) but I will be fixing it this week.
    As for plants I have a green candy and a Girl Scout cookies. Both have had problems which I think stem from bad city water. Out side they will be on well water so I hope that will fix these problems. The best plant will get a 100gallon geo-pot and the second best will be in a 45 gallon smart pot.

    For nutrients I will be using floranova and the general hydro line plus a few other nutes.

    Pics should be up tomorrow once my camera is charged.
  2. If anyone has suggestions or can see me doing something wrong, speak up, I'm still learning and any advice is helpful.
  3. image.jpg Here are some photos, better quality coming soon. They are sick and I have tried everything, maybe someone on here sees a problem I don't.

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  4. Left is green candy, right is Girl Scout

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  5. At first I thought they were cal/mag deficient so they got cal mag and floranova grow. Nothing changed, so I gave them plain water, for over a week and gave strait water and checked the ph runoff. Only to find it at 7.2. I was watering with 6.2. I then realized how bad the chlorine was in my city water and switched to a cleaner source. Now I have better water, I gave some dimond Nectar but they still seam stunted and it looks like they are having problems.
  6. BIB
    A good base soil high in organic matter is self regulating and can handle a wide range of nasty water..
    Your better off changing the soil PH with sulfur then messing with adjusting the water..
    My city hose water run 8.5 and stinks of chlorine.. All the plants get it straight from the hose as I don't have time to be dicking around..
    Plants are really suffering can't you tell ?? LMAO
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  7. Hahaha they are suffering badly, my bags outside got suffer, perlite and a healthy dose of subculture. As soon as I switched to better water the plants turned right around, the green candy was being over watered and I think that was most of the problems with that one. They are now outside, but they come in at night. I will post some pictures tonight. Also a blue dream has been added.
  8. My First Lady: Girl Scout cookies freshly transplanted into 100g geo pot.
    She is loving the sun. The last 3 days she went inside for warmth at night.
    Lady #2 Green Candy: now in a 45g smart pot. I'm not expecting quality from this strain from what I have researched.
    Each plant got half a bag of ffof in each hole to aid in transplant since this soil is questionable.

    There is also a new comer to the garden. A 8 inch tall blue dream clone, if green candy goes south I will have enough meds to last.
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  9. My current veg nutrients

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  10. Girl Scout cookies, just starting to grow again:
    image.jpg Green candy trying:
    image.jpg The youngest, Blue dream:
  11. :love-m3j::love-m3j::love-m3j::love-m3j::love-m3j::love-m3j:Girl Scout LST'd and looking okay.
    image.jpeg Green Candy Lst'd and looking okay:
    The green candy doesn't care for topping, so I'm hoping she will take lst better.
    The blue dream has grown another 1" and was topped. It's so small I'm thinking about leaving it for a while.
    This week I'm getting hygrozyme and I'm looking into dry nutrients instead of bottled nutrients. Id like to top dress The solid instead of mixing nutrients if I can. If anyone knows more about that I'm all ears:love-m3j:
  12. Well the season is going strong, hopefully this will be my best one yet.
    Girl Scout:
    She is growing, I have no idea how big she will get but I know I'm going to have problems with branchs breaking off:(
    Green Candy:
    Starting to fill out the cage.
    No pictures of blue today. Next time I will.
    I've been feeding them pretty hard, I'm just giving them what I think they want.
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