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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Marcellus, May 20, 2002.

  1. Mickey T. and i always play this horrible game when we get stoned, we make each other the most disgusting thing using loads of shite from around the kitchen we can think of then the other has to eat it, Mickey T usually wins this game but i come close using my red hot chillie peppers hahahaha.

    i have no idea what possesed us to do this but it was kinda fun lol

    Mickey T. made me eat a mushroom full of Lard and other crap, it was mingin and i was nearly sick LOL

    Try it u might enjoy it. Laterz all Marcellus
  2. Yeah it is good fun it sounds silly but when your making the food it makes you laugh cuz you know that its gonna taste sick!

    Hehe i only win cuz i get to the lard first :p !

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  3. I have done this before with my best friend, was a blast!! :D: (Only because I most always won!! lol)

    It's funny how really good food can become so disgusting when mixed together!!!!! :D: :smoking:
  4. My friends and I use to do this when I was younger. We called it "spoons". We would get a big serving size spoon and mix up some horrible shit and the other had to eat a huge spoon of it. I learned pretty quick that dry mustard really makes for a great addition when you want the other person to gross out.
  5. good ole fashion fridge wars
  6. dood the best game is like yours...

    go into the kitchen fridge and pick out a spot on the outside of the door, and have your friend pick out the sickest thing in that spot, then pick out a opposite textured food and take one tablespoon, and grab both and enjoy!

    we call the game the Refridgerator Challenge. one time i had to eat olive juice and corn starch or something, i almost puked like 4 times eating it. fun times!
  7. I hear that!

    When I was nought but a wee-un we used to play that, though once my friend put dish soap into the mix. We both puked for a while. *sigh* good times
  8. yeah, sounds like fun....
  9. Wow this is a really old thread 2002!?:eek:

  10. for a second i thought of diff type of loads..

  11. Wow this is a really old post 2006!?:eek:

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