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Full Moon

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. When is the moon going to be full again, mate?

  2. ME TOO!!!
  3. Me too!

    I plan to build a big fire and stand way back and watch for the tree elves.

    It's really startin to feel like fall!
  4. me too. i thought that since we didn't all share the same daylight hours, that maybe we all saw the moon in different stages. imagine that.

    it's nice to have company to howl at the moon. :)
  5. i was stuck under a glass!!!
  6. HIGH All, if everyone is having a too...Going to hit the beach and watch those little cities (cruise ships) go by listening to there waves slap the beach. I'll (of coarse) take pictures.

    Oh Ya Almost Forgot to HOWLLLLL
  7. Full moon last night in AK. It was clear as heck out and chilly. We're already starting to get morning frosts and there's snow on the mountains!! Snow down here can't be far off. The full moon caused my friend to turn into a Were-Spidermonkey
  8. Well I liked my fire pretty damn good!

    It was just absooooluuutelyyy a beautiful evening.

    I was outta herbage, but a good bud came by and took care of that little problem!

    I got just e'nuff of the fine amber liquid known as Crown Royal in me that maybe I gotta go lay down and get started on my hangover.

    So how was y'alls evening?
  9. i went hunting for the elusive female, but they all got sucked into the abyss at wally world and were never seen again....

    so i went outside and smoked a cig..only to see three more walk in, by the time my cig was done, they too had been sucked into the void.....anywho, the moon is out, the weather is great, i think im gonna go climb on the roof and burn one...a cig that is.
  10. HIGH All, smokin glad to see you had something in your lungs. Your Full Moon night sounded like you were well on your way.
    My evening didn't go the way I planned it. Had to work yesterday till 6:00 pm and when I got home I was too bagged to do anything. On our way home the beachs were filled with people having fires, it was a beutifull night with no wind. Oh well have to do that Four Letter Swear Word right!!!

    So I'm sitting here typing on my new puter YAHOOKA. It's a fast one and I watched my first DVD (Me, Myself and Irene) on it. It' s unreal.

    namron_420s watch those malls we wouldn't want to see you being sucked into the void and not make your way out.
  11. well we also had the full moon last nite, and it was a doozey!! it was crazy!
  12. It was full moon last night here in J-ville...but lonely ole me sat home by myself with no bud.....guess I smoked myself into an antisocial world! seriously...I have kids and nobody wants a woman with kids no more...but...I'm still smoookin (for 17 years and counting...)

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