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Full Moon Weekend!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, May 29, 2002.

  1. I'm a tired Poppa Puff..............

    Full Moon, finally caught up with me........

    Had a fun time but am ready to homestead for a month.........

    Didn't watch TV the whole holiday weekend...........

    Self-imposed ban on weed, alcohol, soda, sugar, etc... but not sex!

    C-ya BPP!

  2. Tell momma puff to put her bloomers back on so the moon will go out! hahahahahahahaha

    By the way, you got what you got even if you forgot what you got!!!!
  3. the weekend really fucked me up!!

  4. I will never tell my wife to put her bloomers on, spend too much time trying to get them off.

    I've come to the realization that I may be a werewolf. it seems every full moon I have a hard time sleeping, get the most weird wacked out ideas(even for me they seem weird), and party /or work way too hard. Its got to be the damn moon that drives me crazy I believe.

    I did run my two mile race this weekend. With my time I would have won my division if I was a 53 year old women, but since I'm a mid 30's male so I finished well out of the money. But at least I know I can run in a two mile 'mountain' race and finish. And I didn't stop to walk one time, bad hurting knee included.

  5. LOL on the wife. Been there done that!

    I don't know what i am. I am only sleeping 4-5 hours a night. It doesn't matter what kid of moon, sun or stars we have.

    I feel very proud. I out ran an 83 year old woman with a walker, in a 1000 feet. Liked to have fucking killed me!!!lol

  6. LMAO......I needed that laugh............thanx

  7. I came up with what I thought was agreat idea this weekend and told my wife. bad news. She looked at me like I was crazy. I thought that our house would make a great stoner bed-n-breakfast. I could advertise to all those geeky stoners in Atlanta, that for a few (well really a lot) of money, they could stay at my farm for a weekend and have breakfast, a bed, and plenty of smoking materials supplied, AND have the pleasure of my entertainment. I thought $500 a person for 2 nights and 3 days of non-stop smoking and me making a complete fool of myself was a fantastic money-making idea.

    My wife said that with my new long wacked-out hair and these zany ideas, I remind her of Kramer from "Seinfeld"

    Ok, now laugh at me all you want !
  8. lol lol lol lol lol, kramer, lol lol lol !!! :D :D

    You'd have to close during full-moon periods though, cause staying at a bed and breakfast operated by a werewolf might scare most stoners off!!! lol You could do a BOOMING business with the Goth crowd though!! lol :D :smoking:

    lol lol lol lol lol, kramer, lol lol lol !!! :D :D
  9. You've got my vote BPP!
  10. I know..........I'd just show up.............and like everything .........was.......ya know.............COMPLIMENTARY!!!!!!!!!!

    If ya wanna come and spend the weekend with us I'll only charge ya $250. Plus I gotta tree full of elves!:p
  11. BPP...Bud-n-Breakfast..$ there's an idea for a get together even among friends ...everyone merely brings something to contribute....

    critter...No Elves!!

    Then who brings the Bud menu,and serves all the bud selections ..?

  12. ROTFLMFAO Critter there has to be some great women out there whoi likes to share Bud and sweet caress. They must love kids though. My sweet princess has to be loved as well.

    Desperate women critter?? Do you think the women are going to have to be desperate??? I would like to have a great woman with mwany tallents.

    Ya'll come on down to the Bud Head farm for some great cooking, good bud and buds. You'll have to pull ya up the ground or floor but it'll be worth it.

    Hey critter what is sex like these days? Haven't been getting any for awhile here!
  13. My target crowd was not your average stoner but these new-age hippie wannabee's who drive the giant SUVs and have all got high paying jobs in the high tech sector. For regular old time O.F.F.F. stoners the price drops down pretty good. But for the yuppies, if they don't see a high $ value, they think it must not be worth a damn. Hell these are the same people who pay $10 for a six-pack of imported beer and $25 a plate at Outback Steakhouse. Why can't they shell out some big bucks for 2 nights lodging and a couple of oz's of hydro?

    Momma said she wasn't getting up early on a weekend to fix breakfast and clean-up after a bunch of snobby, geeky yuppies. $500 wasn't enough for her to take it on.

  14. They may be gone but I've seen way too many Suburbans, Expeditions, mercedes, beamers, mini vans, etc with Georgia tags headed to the beach and passing me everyday. All the yuppie hang-outs (Barnes and Noble, Starbuck, Rave motion pictures, Blockbusters, Outback, mall, The Gap, etc) are still packed. Not to mention those cookie cutter neighborhoods where everyhouse looks just like the one beside it and they have the perfect manicured lawns. Somebody still has got the money, and if they are silly enough to waste it on $35000 vehicles, they will be silly enough to pay an inflated price for a weekend.

    But Momma Kramer has stopped this idea dead in its tracks, so its off to another idea I'm working on, like some new on-line chatroom games. I got a couple of those floating in my head and need to perfect them before bringing them out. I think we want something more interesting than the 3 word story games.
  15. Hell, for $2000 per person, they can come to my house and I will cook every meal, load every bowl, get the beers from the frige and give massages.

    I need to go to smokinokies and elfnap his elves, though. I really want tree elves at my place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel as though I am missing out on something by having trees that aren't inhabited by stoned little elves that could supply the cookies for everybody who gets the munchies!

    Damn, I am so jealous of smokinokie!

    Hmm...I need a good elfnappin' plan!
  16. "Hmm...I need a good elfnappin' plan!"

    RMJL, here's a plan for ya,

    (1) Dig a large hole near smokie's elf tree.

    (2) Fill the hole with ashes.

    (3) Place peas (elf's are addicted to 'em) around the hole in a circle.

    (4) Hide and wait.

    (5) When an elf comes up to take a pea, kick him in the ASH-Hole!!!!!!! Lmao! :D :D :D
  17. I found out about Smokies "Burning Bush" and no it wasn't God or elves or anything that remote.

    Look under his thread and try to follow my links to the answer.

    "Dripping fireballs", about halfway right

    "Firefly balls dripping..." correct answer.

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