Full moon - I'm confused?

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  1. Alright, so I was trying to find out when the next full moon is. English sites said 27th of May, today, while Polish sites said 28th of May, tomorrow. The Polish ones that said 28th of may said 01:08AM was the time when the moon was full, suggesting that really it is tonight rather than tomorrow, however I then read this:

    Moonrise, Moonset and Moonphase for Poland – Warsaw – coming days

    ^ And it suggests there that it's 01:08AM of the 29th, or am I just reading it wrong?

    I know it sounds a little random, but could someone explain to me whether it is tonight or tomorrow night? It would mean a lot, thanks.

    I was tied between posting this here and in Science and Nature, but I figured that this isn't really a question about the full moon itself, but rather a question about the interpretation of the date, so I thought General would be a better choice.
  2. I'm pretty sure its the 28th. "Technically" it would be early morning on the 29th but I'd consider it nighttime on the 28th.
  3. It was a full moon tonight but not for u :confused: i was out all night looking at it by my bonfire on my laptop.

    Heres a full planet for you though.


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    This is what I thought, but since the UK and other places list it at the 27th.. Poland is only an hour ahead, also in the Northern Hemisphere, so surely the difference would be a couple of hours at most, not an entire day?

    Man I'm confused.


    Full moons are at different dates across the world.


    Another part that interests me:

    Okay, the formatting is probably going to be fucked up here, but you can take a look on the site I linked. Most of the information for tonight is blank, suggesting it is different from other dates, suggesting it's the full moon. The thing is, if the moon is full at 01:08AM, and not before, then surely the date listed for it must be the date on which it occurs.

    Damn this is confusing me more by the minute.

    Edit2: Okay, another site says:

    It also says this is in universal time, aka UTC, aka GMT. Going by Poland being 2 hours ahead of GMT right now, that would place the full moon at 01:07AM tomorrow morning/tonight, rather than the next day. This makes sense given the 01:08AM time given on the other site.
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    Oh ok sorry ^^ then it will be there tonight for you.

    So can i ask whats up with the moon and you? :D

  6. True. I think I'd be more inclined to listen to the Polish one though, just because its closer to you.
  7. Yeah I was thinking that, check the edits I made to my last post though, I'm thinking it might be tonight and that it is listed under the 28th on the Polish site simply because 01:08AM technically is the 28th.

    Wanting to find out when it is for spiritual reasons basically, can't say a lot more than that.
  8. ok so its on

    May 28, 2010

    And it will be at full at 1:08am

    Hope this helps

    Called my brother he is into the moon and stars and studies the stuff i enjoy it alot also

  9. Hope you find what you are looking for.
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    So my brother says 28 this site says 28 and we say 27 XD jesus im confuesed
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    Well think about it, full moon is at night. The UTC times say 23:07-23:08. Poland is UTC+2, so it'd make sense that it'd be the next morning at ~01:07AM.

    That means it's tonight.

    I didn't think to check UTC times before. Can someone confirm that I'm right to think that moon cycles behave the same way in different timezones as the sun does?

  12. I guess im just soo confused now.

    Sorry i tryed to help man.
  13. No worries man, I was just as confused, I'm 90% sure it's tonight now, just looking for some confirmation really.

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