Full body workouts?

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  1. Anybody ran a full body routine for a while? I'm doing a 5x5 full body routine 3x a week as bodybuilding.com members told me its the best for mass & strength gain for beginners
  2. Yep, compound exercises are the best for gaining mass

  3. Good good, I'll continue with my heavy deadlifts / squats / bench

    I've noticed 90% of the bb.com forums dislike weed, which is saddening considering I frequent that more than gc now :( I miss gc haha
  4. Remember: free-weights > machines
  5. I check out bb all the time, but I'm only a member here at gc.
  6. burpees will get you built.

    do however much you can, then do four sets of that and increase your sets and reps to however much you want.
  7. 5x5 is probably the best program to start lifting with. You can build a strong body with just that routine. The simplicity is what I like. Just go after it every single rep, every single set and you'll see amazing results fast.
  8. If you wanna switch it up on off days or cardio days you can throw in some tabata circuits or other types of HIIT routines.

    I did this the other day it's a fucking killer...

    Kettlebell swings, burpbees, jump rope, speed squats...20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, then move on to the next exercise. Do to two cycles so that's a total of 4 minutes. If you feel up to do another round after that then go for it. You'll be dead.
  9. I've always heard dont do full body work outs but I'm not saying that's right. I would be careful of how much they tell you to do because I'm sure the majority are on some hardcore supplements
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  11. 5x5 works well for newbie strength gains, but for hypertrophy, there is better routines. Don't listen to the idiots at bodybuilding.com, they're lazy and clueless. Try T-nation.com for some actual educated ideas.
  12. It's the other way around actually.

    Full body workouts are recommended to natural athletes, while the 5 - day bodybuilding splits are usually used by guys running a cycle

    Yeah i've been on T Nation as well. The difference is bb.com has both sides of the argument who argue passionately saying the other way is chit while T Nation members say stick with a program, consistency is key, and if you can't be consistent on a full body program do whatever you like (aka split).

    I'm going to stay on this 5x5 for a few months though, really liking the strength gains. Too bad I won't be as aesthetic as possible this summer :(
  13. I did something similar to a full body workout before christmas. It worked but I probably would have gained more if I had split it up.
  14. Try ketelbell excercises.
  15. I have a pull up bar in my backyard. It's actually 9 feet above ground. Lol. I used it mainly to improve my vertical leap for football in high school. Now I do my own little workout twice a week. I stand with feet shoulder width. Squat down slow. Explode up full force. Grab the bar with palms forward. Pull up. Push upper body above bar. Do a dip. Then slowly lower body down till your hanging. Raise legs straight forward hold. Let go. Repeat. I do 5.

    While I gain mass in the gym, I like to be able to support my own body weight. When I was 145lb I could do 10 of these. Fighting fatigue on the 7th. Now I 165. Fight fatigue during the 2nd set.

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