fuckinda bored, updated gallery, what you doin?

Discussion in 'General' started by TokinBlue, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. well i am bored as hell so i took some pictures and decided to add some to my gallery

    absolutely NOTHING goin on around campus, but i am done with classes and just gotta take finals next week and it will be time for summer :D

    and time for work.....fuck, atleast ill be making money

    absolutely nothing going on this weekend either cuz people will be studying for exams, so GC i look to you haha

    what are you guys doing this weekend? anything fun? cmon entertain me:smoke:
  2. im fuckin diggin that rockford fosgates amp man im jelous..i didnt know you bumped? shit man im getting some JLS here soon
  3. haha i bump all the time. moms grand am has 2 12's in it(she turns em off when she drives it haha) and my dad's van has 2 8's...soo to add 2 10's to that as well(dad likes bass for some reason haha)

    what kinda ride are you sportin bubbles?
  4. well my brother works a busch...im getting a '96 cadalic..its my cruzin ride...i have a american legacy 12'' that my uncle gave to me..it has 700 watts it bumps
  5. dude where the fuck do you put the subs in your truck, i baught a car instead of a truck veuase there was no place to put it. i mean you could put it on or under the seats but the truck would vibrate like mad
  6. it is behind my seat man

    i will take some pics of it when i go home next weekend
  7. hahha, memphis, haha, jl, haha, legacy. HAHA!!

    lol nice pics nate, u shoulda brought the bong to my house though lol.
  8. shoulda coulda woulda......maybe next time
  9. haha.. crazy dorm dude. I might get a truck like that.. But Not that colour. Blech.

    Your roomate is wicked clean. :rolleyes:

    Does he at least let you smoke up in your room without bitching to campus popo?
  10. haha yea i dont like the color either. i am painting it this summer(amazingly i get compliments about that color though, not sure why) a lot of stuff is planned for it this summer

    he isnt really clean, he just doesnt really have a lot here to be dirty. all he cares about is halo and that is IT, seriously i fucking hate him(not gonna get into it)

    and he doesnt drink, doesnt smoke, doesnt do anything, but he goes home everyweekend if i wanted to smoke i could. only one more week here and i am done with dorm rooms for forever :yay:
  11. his roommate is a bitch!:mad:
  12. youre still in school man? thats a fucking bummer.
  13. tell me about it. today was last day of class though

    so one week of exams and ill be home

    i fucking HATE quarters:mad: and i am transferring to semesters so i get a whopping 2 months of summer then school again......gonna be blasted EVERY day, i dont even care if its by myself. i gotta get my party on to make up for that month i am missing out on
  14. im so high...got that purple shit fired up about to light up a dutch,master..ill post pics
  15. I LOOOOVEEEE your truck..including the colour which I think is gorgeous! hahaha your so messy! (not like i can talk, but you are messy! :p )
  16. Oh snap! TB...hehehe :ey:. I mean come on, you both like blue.
  17. yes, yes we do:)

    but in real life my truck is more towards the greenish color. It really depends on how the sun is hitting it, its all good though. I am gonna paint it a nice deep royal blue with some of those silver sparkle stuff in it this summeri think, if i decide to make this truck my permanent project

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