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  1. ok so long story short...me and my friends were goin to a dubstep concert (datsik) on friday, we went and whne we got in the parking lot 2 undercovers rolled up on us and searched our car (unfortunatly it was a legal search under the circumstances) and they found all of our shit, madd drugs im not allowed to talk about, like 4 pipes, 4 bags of weed, and like 6 grams of hash (cop thought it was H)...but at last we live in mass where its decriminalized

    anyone know the punishments for class b and c possession and distribution (even tho we werent selling it, we just had a lot)

  2. weed is essentially legal in mass...the cops literally didnt give a fuck that WE had weed 9the car two cars away from us got rolled up on too, they had lik 4 ounces and 2300$, for some reason the cops seriously thought the car i was in and that car were gonna do a deal, legitimately we have no idea who they were, just kids tryin to womp out to some dirty dubstep

    i honeslty have never met such a fucking prick in my life tho, this one undercover was sooo bad, when they said i could go free, i said thanks and his reponse to that was that im a piece of shit and despicable (im just raving, just cuz i do drugs doesnt make me bad, it makes me informed and not brainwashed by stupid and silly propaganda) and that he should arrest me just for saying that to fuck up my potential career...idk i was really drunk and he thought i was mockin him but honestly i was just agreeing with him so i could be let go free, so that didnt help...like hje said "ur hanging out with the wrong crowd" and i agreed "i am hanging out with the wrong crowd" and then he said something else and i responded the same way, then again, and he though i wa smocking him but i wasnt, i just wanted to get outta there

    the funniest part tho was that my friends car was still parked when he was taken away so the cop said hey this is ur car for the nite....and im like "yo im leaving it here, im still tryin to get in the club" then i got a really dirty look from him...but i didnt get in, shit was too packed...but then the other dickhead cop said "ur not drivng anyways, ur way too drunk" and im like whatever...then he almost caught me trying to sneak into the venue
  3. why would you bring weed and 4 pipes to a dubstep concert? :confused:

  4. cuz weed is basically legal in our state (under a zip), we dont care, the cops didnt do anything to us for the weed...i know 3 of those pipes were just in the car before and then my friend brought his sick illadelph pipe with him

    and also our plan was to go to this concert, go to an afterparty, sleep there (our friends house) then the next day book it to a different city like 2-3 hours away and go to a club that nite for a diff DJ we knew playing a set there (hes actually really popular in the northeast house scene), that was the plan...but after they got arrested those plans fell thru...and not go home (and were like real good friends with him, theres been times when we roll up with him at the club with a line of like 200-300 people waiting to get in, and we walk right past all of them, fucking heady, next time that happens im grabbing a couple hot girls and gonna be like "wanna go to the VIP?") i know that DJ would be cool with me or any of us guys doing thate that whole time, so ikd maybe we would need 4 pipes

    but for real weed isnt SHIT in mass anymore, anything under a zip is a complete waste of time for every party involved
  5. i take it they caught u with some thizz?

    just make sure they dont try to charge you with intent to sell and distribute cause then your gonna be fked

  6. im in zero trouble...i got let go...im talkin about my boys here

    im not gonna tell u what drug it was but....it was a dubstep concert, im sure u can use ur imagination

    but yes im pretty sure they are being charged with distribution, which in my mind means selling it, but idk if that is what it says in the law books...what really sucks is that half the drugs that were in the car we didnt know were in the car, til the cop found em, which was a really bad surprise for us
  7. Your friend should get a lawyer asap. Hope he didn't say too much to the cop. So its class c distribution? Using my imagination, I would say hes facing multiple felony counts if its what I think it is.

  8. class b too...but yeah luckily on of our friends dad is a really good lawyer and hes pretty much in the case (maybe for free or a discounted price, idk but its gonna help a lot)...just sucks for our friend who is the son bc now his dad is gonna know what he and his friends are into (idk maybe his dad already does) but at this point he is cool with his dad knowing that stuff to help out his friend...those 2 got court on tuesday for the arraingment, we will see

    shitty thing is they both got priors...one with 4 MiP charges and the other has a DUI in another state...and the one with the 4 MiP charges also has another charge that WAS gonna be taken away if he could stay out of trouble for 6 months, and its been less than 6 months, so now that charge (assault and battery) is gonna be resurfaced...fuck, all my best friends are goin to jail now (i got another one on the way for a completely different situation)...and the thing is that they are good kids too, we just lik raves
  9. Best of luck to your friends but you and your friends got too comfortable that you would not get caught carrying around that much drugs(because they charged you with distribution).
  10. Use your fucking head. You got way to ahead of yourself. You should have been thinking about all the drugs in the car, and maybe getting rid of some of them, or have been on better behavior as to not get searched.
  11. No need to yell at him. Hes free to go so if anything he was the one using his head. The driver and his other friends should have used their head.

  12. yeah its hard to think logically when ur sloppy drunk not giving a fuck about naything...i sobered up real quick tho...when the copp asked me if i had anythi g i straight up told him, a small bag of weed and a nip, and thats all they had on me

    the way the cop came up was just so out of left field, like its hard to remember it...times like that u build up adrenaline and its hard to remember the exact moment, but i know my rights and the law and i guess what he did was legal but just really sneaky, kinda ratty

    i guess a huge reason they came up to us was cuz there was a car 2 cars away that was being searched and apparently they thought we were doin a deal with them for sumthing cuz they found like 4 zips and 2300 on the kid in the other car, that MITE be why they went after us but idk...when my boys were in jail, they grouped that kid with the 2300 with my 2 friends, we have NO idea who they are...idk if they were being searched when he parked there or not but i was so drunk, i mean it took me like 10 minutes to realize 2 cars away the same shit was happening, for some reason i thought it was just a group of kids chillen there just right next to people gettin busted, but then i looked and im like shit we just got fucked

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