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  1. am i fucked? when i was germinating the seeds in tissue i left them for like 2 weeks.
    i made the picture in ms paint, camera is at my girlfriends...
    anyways the seed is the black thing and the actual plant is green and white, am i fucked? if not how should i put them in the soil??


    thank you
  2. be back in a second..finishing up my grow room
  3. if the plant still looks ok then get it into some soil/coco immediately

    if it's all dried out and manky then it's probably past helping

    pics would help
  4. well it wont hurt to try and plant it
  5. ive planted them.
  6. Thats perfectly fine. The seed shell is supposed to seperate. I'd say your actually a lot better off than you thought. Just make sure you put the white roots all the way in the soil.
  7. thanks hawaii, i did that, with the greens up. first grow so, hopefully it goes well.

    +rep for you hawaii

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