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  1. There was no proof Casey did it and the other girl sold drugs around kids. What the problem?
  2. while i agree with you mush about casey anthony, i do find it a big deal that the other chic got that much time out of that little pot

    of course, the devil is in the details!
  3. She went partying for a month while her daughter was missing, thats sort of a problem
  4. Clearly you missed the sarcasm.
  5. maybe it is a problem but it doesnt equate to GUILTY of murder charges

  6. HA

    my bad

    however, i dont necessarily think CA was guilty.... so my post stands
  7. sounds like the main thing she's getting charged with is child abuse, not because of the weed
  8. I think she is beyond a doubt guilty. Maybe not in court, but everything says she did it.

    And I dont know where they got the 10 yr sentence from. She must have been a repeat offender

  9. well, yeah... guilty in court is what i mean. the prosecutors shit the bed IMO

    i digress

    carry on with the thread lol

    :smoke: :smoke:
  10. I dont even know what this is about then
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    You seriously cant see the problem...:rolleyes:

    A black guy got the death penalty a few weeks ago regardless of petitions, there was no evidence, only suspicion, hmm ironic how black people get harsher sentences and a white woman who was let go due to no evidence gets off Scott free whilst the black man dies when there's still no evidence.

    And the black woman, selling a small amount of marijuana legal in a few area's of the country get's sentenced to 10 years, i could find you 10 cases of white people selling Oz's of marijuana and only getting a fine.

  12. Another scenario where the sarcasm font would have came in handy
  13. She's native american can't you tell? Spotted Crow
  14. You gotta stop bringing race into this. A AMERICAN was wrongly imprisoned or put to death. We're all involved in this war equally and until you get over the whole race issue we'll never be able to really come together like we need to in order to stop the government from imprisoning good people for petty drug charges.
  15. someone edited the $31. wonder how much it really was.

    and $31? wtf? what was she charging for the baggy too?
  16. Hello, fellow ent :D
  17. [quote name='"sokal"']someone edited the $31. wonder how much it really was.

    and $31? wtf? what was she charging for the baggy too?[/quote]

    According to the link it was $30 and she gets 12 years. For $30 worth of weed, wow
  18. You guys missed the part where she had 4 children in her house and one was less than a year old.

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