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Fucked up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blastedtwice, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Alrighty. I was smoking with some friends this weekend. After the third bowl of some FIRE ass bud, My hands started shaking... i thought nothing of it. I then began laughing hysterically for no reason, and couldnt stop. Thats when I blacked out, my mouth began foaming, and i was convulsing. (seziure). I then had short term memory and constant flash backs to "laughing" for the rest of the night.

    I have smoke before. Lots.
    I take a daily medicine, Zoloft (or something). Might that have anything to do with it?

    or ... was it laced??

    or... (Insert comment here)
  2. Nobody is going to be able to give you a definite answer. I would guess you were just way too high, sometimes weird shit can happen. And no, I highly doubt your bud was laced.
  3. My best bet is the Zoloft, some prescription drugs have been reported to cause serious side effects when combined with cannabis.

    Probably not laced, seeing as you had a seizure.

    Just lay off it a bit for a while, only smoke enough to get you high, baby hits. And ask your doctor about what happened, they are by law prohibited to tell anyone you use cannabis.
  4. Sounds like Salvia

    fun stuff;)

  5. lmfao...
  6. Well weed usually isn't laced by dealers because they lose money that way. Butttt, if you blacked out and your mouth started foaming and you had a seizure, that's reason think it had been laced. Either that or you have a medical condition which I doubt, because it's highly unlikely for marijuana to trigger it if you smoke regularly anyways.

    EDIT: Google Zoloft & Marijuana and see if anything comes up cuz that could also be it.
  7. If that truly happen to you the way you described it, then you need to go to the doctor. If that happens again you could swallow your tongue and die. I personally never had any side effects with Zoloftm Xanax is a totally different story. I can control my mood with Marijuana.
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    My buddy and me were smokin some headies Saturday morning, and he hadnt eaten anything and blacked out, I dont think that his mouth foamed up though. I say smoke again without taking the medicine (if possible) and see what happens
  9. I would say your safest bet is maybe seeing a doctor. Do not worry about them telling the police, because by law they cannot. Although I'm not sure how much doctors know about cannabis they will be able to provide something pretty logical and reasonable. I do not think your bud was laced. Again like everybody say dealers lose money lacing drugs. Not only that but I think if your bud was laced or had anything on it, you wouldn't have siezues. Not too sure, but I think you would pass out/ flatline something like that.

    Hope this helps. Also if you smoke a lot like you say you do, you should not be too high of three hits. How long have you been smoking?
  10. either it was the pill or it was just a good high
  11. lol. It's impossible to swallow your own tongue.
  12. No it isn't. It's what happens sometimes when people have seizures. This story is so bullshit.
  13. Not going to argue with you. Believe what you want. ;)
  14. You can't swallow it down as in swallow so hard it just comes off and then gets digested but he means you can choke on your own tongue. That's why you have to tip people on their side when this happens and be careful they don't bite.

  15. Wow, I never knew any one didnt know what that meant until now. Here is a piece of advice if your ever around someone who has a seizure. You put something in their mouth horizonatally, for example a piece of wood. You then put your finger in there mouth and pull their tongue forward so that its laying flat. This way they dont choke on there tongue or bite it off.

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