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    Yeah I fucked up.

    Was parking my car at the high school and while I as backing up I backed into some chicks car.

    Not much just hit the fender in about a inch, and no damage to my car.

    Felt so bad, so I went to the office and said what happened, called the girl down and told her, she starting crying right away because its her Dads car.

    Just told her it was all my fault and to tell her dad that, and ill take care of all of it.

    fuck, it will probably cost $800 or something. They will probably replace the whole fucking body because im paying for it.

    I feel bad for the girl because she kept saying how crazy her dad is, she will probably take the brunt of his rage, but im sure ill catch a wiff of it also, which i deserve.

    That will be a lot of my salary gone in the summer to a stupid little accident.

    Its fucking snowing icey, and slippery out. I was sliding all over the place, while driving to lunch and back, but it wasnt the weather that did this, this was MY fault, i know it. I said it was a bit slippery out just so I dont look like a total fucking asshole idiot, but that had nothing to do with it, I had friends in the car and should have been paying more attention.

    I wasent driving like a asshole and not looking, i was just in a hurry and talking to the 2 others in the car.

    Fuck I hope this goes better then I think it is.
  2. Why would you pay for the whole body? Pay for the fender (only part you hit right?) and be done with it.
  3. Yeah, but im afraid the guy might be a asshole and say more is damaged (happened to my mom before) and the mechanic puts new things on that dont need to be replaced, and I gotta take the whole bill.
  4. You did a good thing man... You were mature and responsible enough to own up to your own faults. +rep, your a good man. If only we had more honest people in the world.
  5. you should feel bad... but it could be worse picture if you didn't report it and ended up getting screwed... that would SUCK man. IDK if I could've reported that lol
  6. Ye, a lot of people were just saying, bump and run bump and run, but if the schools cameras are good enough, they could see me do it and then do nothing, i would look like a fucking jerk, and it would be impossible to get outta that.
  7. You're a good man. Try to talk to the father directly and make it clear that you were responsible about it. If he realizes how well you handled your mistake, he should give you a fucking discount. + rep for honesty.
  8. the way it turns out will depend on what kind of guy he is. talk to him, be real apologetic, and it may be less than 800.

    the one time i rear ended someone it was barely any damage at all, just a scratch, but the guy wanted his whole bumper replaced, so thats what i had to do. it was 800 bucks.

    shit happens. learn from it and be more careful.
  9. Yeah I think you did the right thing. Very respectable.

    If you're insured you may consider making a claim

    But then again, sometimes a fender bender can actually cost you more in increased insurance rates then the raw cost of the repair.

    Still something to consider either way.
  10. Ill for sure ask him if I can just pay cash.

    If I put it through insurance, I know im gonna be fucked and my rates will skyrocket.
  11. That sucks man i feel for you, but you did do the right thing and hopefully that good karma will pay off :D

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