Fucked up

Discussion in 'General' started by upinsmokeee, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Don't you just hate when you fuck up hard. God damn I had it and then just let it go. Wish I could go back. Weeds not helping me with this one.
  2. malt liquor usually solves my problems, and cigarettes

    good stuff
  3. Yeeeep.
    I fucked up pretty bad today. Well, not really. My friend fucked up, which in return, fucked me over. Siiiiiigh. :(
  4. This reminds me of one of those really obscure overly dramatic posts Facebook drama queens spam just so that people will ask them what happened even though they're never going to answer.

    Ah, well. Guess I'll take the bait. What's got you so down? =[
  5. what'd ya do?
  6. yah man fuckin this morning i was trying to make me a bowl frosted flakes and after i put the cereal in my bowl there was no fuckin milk cause my damn sister be feeding it to the dogs. holy shit what a high killer and had to eat some nasty ass frozen food
  7. My guess is
    He let the 'one' get away.

  8. Yeah thats what Im thinkin too.... Just had that tone of voice thing goin on... or he killed some guy...
  9. you can cry on my shoulder if you want, baby
  10. hurray for attention whoring!
  11. Fucked up with this girl just the usual shit. I always get depressed as fuck about it when I smoke I usually can keep my self from thinking about it. Just started thinking about it last night.

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