Fucked up Pick N Save Story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Rahzizzle, May 3, 2006.

  1. i was meeting up with my friend at pick n save and I got in his car and bought an 8th and then I got in my car and we both went to this guy George's house.

    As we were leaving this old guy who works at pick n save runs at the car, so we pull away and he yells "DONT COME BACK AGAIN" so naturally i yelled "FUCK YOU BITCH" and we went to georges

    we went upstairs and smoked 2 bowls on his balcony and this mini van pulls up outside the house and just sits there with its lights on and no one gets out, just sits there. So we were there for 30 min and when we leave it starts up and follows us so i go and speed ahead and go in my garage, i live 2 blocks away, and close it quick

    and then after he drove by i got out and went to a different friends house and on the way i saw 2 cops go to my house

    :confused_2: :bolt: :bongin: :hide:
  2. Shit....... that's crazy, man. Keep us updated on what happens.
  3. wait, so did the old guy say 'don't come back again' because he saw you buy some weed?
  4. Maybe the store owner knows who you are?
  5. I dunno if he saw us doing the deal but right as I got out of the car to go to mine he came running
  6. damn. sounds like a close call

    good luck.
  7. thats damn crazy
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he knew what was up. The cops couldn't do shit though. The mini-van thing is weeeird but... well, I don't know to be honest. Stay safe, they got nothin' on you though.

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