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  1. K so.. theres this guy at my school, lets call him tim. So tim is a kid at my school, who u could prettty much call a geek. Anyways his parents went out for like 2 weeks and he decided to throw a party, he notified everyone a week before that he was gonna have one.. that gave it tons of time to spread out. Now at our school when there is a party, everyone finds out about it, i mean really fast to, so anyways the same people who usually come to the parties comes it was kind of a geek party that just turned g..

    So all the regular people come, alot more nerds there and then like a certain group comes, and that group is known to all the relativley cool guys, cuz they arent a group to fuck around with i mean one of the guys is crazy and fights with swords and shit. so they get there and instantly the guy who fights with swords, lets call him marko, starts fighting with his girlfriend. Now mind u all these geeks are trippin out cuz they are alld drunk and they have never really seen out of their group of friends so guys like this are like really scary to them right. Iv seen them alot, cuz i dont really chill with those kids but ya to them they are really scary. So like this guy is fightin with his girl, the door opens and like theres blood on the floor, and the owner oif the hous eis trippen out. So marko is pissed off all night, i was hgavin a good time, word was goin around the party that he was really pissed off, then if ind out hes fucked on 21 caps, now this guy is like fucked on e 24/7 like its crazy. So i go up to him and i see whats up, i guess he was fuckin pissed and he just elbows me in the facve, i was drunk so i didnt really feel it, and definetly didnt wanna start shit so i back up.. Ya gay huh? I heard he threw someone down the stairs, slapped around some kid because he accidently grabbed the doorknob before marko..

    He was someone who wants to beef at ANY TIME.. like hes stupid. anyways the party started goin pretty crazy, alot of people showed up that were wanna be gangsters, so they were all like lets jack shit etc.. i lleft at about 12 30 cuz it was gay by then, people were stealing from this kis house, like car keys, dvd players, and the kid was trippen out sooo bad and he couldnt do anythin. So someone pulls a knife on one of my buddies and he runs threw the house, knocks over a china cabinet with like.. i cant even tell u how much glass, all shatters, everythin gets ruined. fuckin stupid wannabe g's fuck everything up. And they have done that the last 3 parties.. Hows that for ya people dont even have em around here anymore cuz that happens.. Tim is gonna get FUCKED IN THE ASS when his parents get home..

    thx guys keep tokin
  2. block.....paragraphs.......kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i read up until the popular people came to the geek party and my eyes couldnt take anymore, but i saw tim is gonna be screwed so i can put two and two together
  3. jesus christ

    learn to puncuate






    lol really hard story to follow, but i hate wiggers and wanna be gangsters and shit like that, they always try to start shit and prove how tough they are
  4. I feel for that tim kid, it would really suck to have a bunch of assholes like that come to come to your party and fuck everything up
  5. I fuckin loathe people like that.
  6. Thats what highschool parties are all about...You shouldnt throw one and not expect shit to get broken or go missing. If I was you and some guy just randomly bow'd me in the face Id get a bat and a mask and wait for him to leave the party :devious:
  7. damn that fucking sucks that kid will never throw another party again hes scared for life.

    My friend over spring break had a 5 day straight party cause his rents were out and there were a couple people who would come over just to steal shit. Thats the gayest thing Ive heard. If your gonna steal from someone do it from a stuck up rich person or something, not a cool kid throwing a party for you.

    Either way we knew the kid who jacked him and beat the shit outta him and blindfolded him and took him to the middle of a corn field and left him there

    hopefully that idiot learned his lesson
  8. i would have made that fucker cry in front of everyone.

    nothing like public humiliation to end a person's fighting streak. trust me ive done it.
  9. thats why when i throw parties or go to parties only friends are there. and i will protect the party house like it was my own. its so dick to go party and then fuck the guy over. i even help clean in the morning.
  10. i woulda knocked him out right away if it was smart.. but this guy has crazy backup like a while ago he almost shot someone, but somoene grabbed the gun just in time. like he WILL find me if i did do anythin
  11. i was at a party not to long ago and i saw two drunk assholes humiliate this other drunk kid for no reason.

    this kid, evan, keeps starting fights with random people at the party for absolutely no reason. he was like the person at the party who showed up with someone else without asking.

    so anyway, after he starts three different fights, he starts another one with a kid named nate.

    so another kid, steve, stands up and defends evan, who has a shopping bag of ice house around his arm and is also just a fucking dick in general, and grabs the kid from behind.

    steve is like 6'4" and nate is like 5'9" so steve has his arms wrapped around nate's face.

    steve just drops nate to the ground with what looked like no effort at all. and nate just looked up at the ceiling really dazed. at this point i felt really bad for him, because everyone watched it happen.

    then evan walks back over to nate and just kicks him in the stomach when he's on the floor. nate started crying and rolling on the floor, still dazed from being slammed into the floor and also really drunk.

    i felt so bad, but i couldn't do anything. i'm not going to step into a drunk fight. i'm to peaceful.

    p.s. - i pointed out to the host of the party, who was a pretty good friend, the stoners who were all dancing so a rasta song that came on the radio.
  12. Thats why when I have kids I'll let them have controlled parties because I will be damned if anyone fucks up my house.
  13. Fucking disrespectful bitches. God, I don't even know how some people think like that.
  14. Same shit.

    Went to a party, gate crashers came and the night ended in 3 people getting stabbed.

    I cant believe people have to put up with this sort of shit just to have nights out.

  15. wow man this shit was hard to follow..........dont know cause of how it was written or cause i am fucked up......anyways i got the jist of it........fucked up man...........i feel bad for the dude....well shit happens........hope u had a fun time beside the obvious.......peace out:)
  16. Thats why I stopped attending house partys. Around town Im pretty safe. I'm on good grounds with everyone and as far as I know, Noone has anything against me. Hell most kids that are feared or whatever I'm friends with and we have respect for eachother. Still, I got sick of watching people break other people's shit and bottle eachother for no reason. I would never have another party at my house either. The host rarly ever has fun.

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