Fucked up or funny?

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  1. I am a senior in high school and some of my friends think it hilarious to beat the shit out of other kids were chillin with when were all blown. Like thell act cool with this one kid we chill with then like well all blaze and they come up to me like "hey lets beat C's ass." Then thell go like pretty much go up to him and sock him in the face and jump him when he trys to fight back.

    They did this to one other kid named K last week.He got so scared he tried to run but they ambushed him and beat the shit out of him. I dont care really cause they never fuck. But i really think its kinda fucked up i feel bad for them.

    So wat do u think GC fucked up or funny
  2. That's fucking retarded, my friends and I found WAY more entertaining mischief to get into while high our senior year.

    Your friends fail
  3. How is beating the shit out of random ppl funny? They must be so cool:rolleyes:
  4. I know i think its wack but the thing is there like the most popular kids.
  5. Two words. Fuckin. Idiots.
  6. well good as long as there is no penetration, they can beat off to the sight of another guys ass as much as they want, but as soon as they fuck..well......shit is fucked up!
  7. where the fuck in socal do they do that?

  8. :smoking:
  9. ^^^ lol

    but on a serious note...do you even need us to answer that question?
    completely fucked up.
    beating people up for no reason is in no way cool.
  10. who the FUCK gives a flying SHIT? i dont care if they are motherfucking millionaires on tv every night at prime time, i wouldnt hang around cockfaces like that.
  11. yeah thats fucked up...your friends are pretty much douchebags for thinking thats fun when theyre high...two options...do something else or get new friends to smoke with
  12. I had the same problem with some kids I used to smoke wit. Eventually they started fuckin wit me. We were chillin outside BK n one of the kids tried to tackle me. I was pretty high, so i took it seriously, n I pulled out my brass knuckles.

  13. yoo masta killa i used to use that name when i played STARCRAFT ahah
  14. seriously. i refer to your asshole friends in my book as faggot pricks. what the fuck is their problem. i mean what the hell, they smoke and the beat the shit out of someone in the cirlce. if i was the one gettn hit, i would find each one of them when theyr'e alone and beat the lvin shit out of them

  15. Word. Not only do they fail, they do so EPICLY. My advice to you, is get some better friends... and tell your current ones to GET A LIFE. :p
  16. *sigh* High school... stupid fucktards. "Popularity"... gets you so far. NOT. They will learn when they get in the real world, that they can't get away w/ shit like that anymore, believe me, they will learn...
  17. dont even waste your time on this idiot ohh.... "well i guess their the populer kids"...get the fuck out of here with that bs , you and your friends deserever a good old ass whoppin and robbin to put them in place in this world and after that id go to your parents and your buddies parents and put them in line too for raising dumb fuckin idiots

  18. this.
  19. When im high i think violence is wrong. so its fucked up.
  20. i wish they would try to pull that shit with me. the next time i see them i would have them deep throaten my .45

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