Fucked up night!

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    Well I work at a bar I was sitting there mind you I live where the "rednecks" live when this redneck walked up and said I don't like your long hair so I said I dont like your fucking bald hrad then he said he could slam my head into the bar so I said back No it wouldn't go like that and he walked over behind the bar saying to convince him why he should I stood up ready to throw hands and said fuck you.

    So then my brother stands up and tells my grandpa to come over (family owned) so he walks over and we try to settle this easy but it didn't work like that then the dude tried to act cool with me and tried to shake my hand I got out of my seat put my middle finger in his face and said fuck you and walked off because I wanted to kill this bitch!

    Then my older friend I guess you'd say came over and said basically in a brutal way if you fuck with them> me+ my brother then your fucking with me so they argued for a while and they was going to fight and my grandpa said no so the dude let the other dude out the door and locked it. The dude eventually was let in and was trying to fight the dude who locked him out my grandpa grabbed the dude by the nape of his neck and punked him out and I said fuck you a few more times. But there was a few fights and wrecks and a dude ran over his self pretty much and now IM typing this! And I'm done oh yeah and this dude grabbed this others guys cig and ate it then they agreed not to fight there but to fight at a local tattoo shop out of respect for us
  2. what he ate a fuckin butt? what a grease ball LOL
  3. [quote name='"36th Chamber"']what he ate a fuckin butt? what a grease ball LOL[/quote]

    He spit it out he's crazy but cool I respect him and a bunch of other rednecks but most are ignorant not just crazy
  4. what???????
  5. That's a usual Tuesday night for me :cool:

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