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  1. So let me fill you guys in real quick I was seeing this girl over a month ago she lives about 4hrs away and the last time I talked to her she wanted to end it so I ended it and then next day she wanted to be back with me but I ignored her and we stopped talking now a month later she sent me a pic of a prengancy test and says we need to talk so guess she's fucking pregnant, I want her to get an abortion I don't believe either one of us is ready for a baby so I don't want one how should I convince her to do it, or should I just slip those abortion pills in her drink I really don't want a baby with this girl and I'm a little scared anyone have any advice?
  2. Sorry bud, sounds like you fucked yourself HARD. I mean yes children are a beautiful thing but you seem like it'd be the worst thing ever. Just remember No glove no love man. You broke the rules now you're being punished. But, on the bright side, at least you know your fertile.
  3. Kick her in the stomach...

    Just kidding! Seriously, you new the repercutions of fucking her before you did it, now live with it. It's her choice in the end, you will end up having next to no say in the matter, I'd get a DNA test once the baby is born just to make sure... Its actually yours...

    Good luck !
  4. It's not like you're the one that has to go thru the 9month total body morph; all while another human is trying to live inside you. Man up, accept it. Stop worrying bout how bad it is & let her decide what she wants to do. We all kno if she does have the baby, you most likely won't have to deal with it unless you want to.
  5. Well you already have a 4 hour start, imagine how far away you could get in 9 months
  6. Time to man up and take responsibility for YOUR actions. Sorry if this is a hard pill for you to swallow, but you made your bed, and now your afraid to lie in it? No pity from me.

  7. chyea!

    nd bruh.. dont even think bout slippin that pill.

    if that baby dies nd they find out that you had somethin to do with it.

    ur screwed even harder.
  8. Simply put... I think this post is fake. If not, why the fuck would you slip abortion pills in her drink. You're a pussy.
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    Hahahaha that's terrible.

    I would talk to her and let her know your side of things. Definitely do not slip her anything, that's extremely illegal and immoral
  10. I know I fucked up I'm willing to accept the responsibilities but fuck man since when is birth a one sided choice we both talked about no kids how her fucking planned parenthood was so fucking cool she wouldn't get prego any accidents she had the morning after pill and now she's fucking pregnant and I have no say in it? Bullshit I've been trying to talk her out of it told her we don't love each other we shouldn't be having a baby I already know we don't have the money or the time to be having a baby its gonna live growing up with its grandparents and a fucked up family not fair to the baby to me or her family that just because of some philosophical views she has to have it, wtf man idk am I wrong should I just suck it up give away my whole life to work 2jobs and support this kid or should I still bitch and try to get her to abort? She's a pretty stupid bitch and I keep getting this weird vibe while we're talking I'm not even sure if she's really prego or if its even mine so I have a pretty negative view on the whole thing right now shit blows
  11. Do like the blax,disappear.
  12. I'm starting to worry I'm not fertile. I've had my fair share of those "accidents" but it always turned out alright. Maybe I'm lucky. Fuck! Dammit op you're so lucky.

  13. Hahaha id be lucky with a miscarriage lol fucked up to say but true, but fuck it man think imma get a vesictamy? (probably mispelled that) I don't want to be fertile right now hahaha
  14. Did you actually come inside her?

  15. ah skeet skeet skeet
  16. what the hell is with people not using punctuation?

    p.s. if you got her pregnant, you basically have to go along with what she wants to do. Sucks, but you probably should have thought about that before you stuck your dick inside of her. *shrugs*

  17. No, I usually can't come when i m doing a chick especially her id always have to finish myself so I don't fucking believe the bitch but she's coming out with her precum bullshit, but fuck man this sucks it was her fucking choice to have sex with her bs promises of her morning after pills ahhh fuck you planned parenthood lol
  18. i'll be the first to say it paternity test. i wouljdnt trust someone after knowing them for a month
  19. Don't sign the birth certificate. Once you sign it, even if the baby isn't yours, you become the legal father so you're fucked. Get a paternity test but dont sign the birth certificate, I was high as fuck at a party and an exmarine stresses that detail very much because he went through a similar situation
  20. Paternity test is a must. If it's yours, then there's two things to think on: It's HER body - thus, it's HER choice. You have no choice on if she carries it to term...the most you have is an opinion. Now's not the time to trash - talk her. That shows no respect...for yourself. Whether or not she deserves it isn't relevant. How you react defines YOU. The other thing to know is the same thing my grandpa taught me:
    "If you're gonna breed 'em, ya gotta feed 'em." Whether she or the courts say to; again, how you react defines YOU. It's not about what I or anybody else think is right or wrong, here: it's how you look at yourself and what YOU think is right or wrong. Personally, if you don't want the child, I think you've got every right to strenuously argue your point. But you can't (or shouldn't) coerce her. You lost your choice when you lost your load. And yeah, pre-cum is potent enough. Good luck, man.

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