fucked again...

Discussion in 'General' started by igotammo, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. everything was going good..just got in from work..go 2 cehck my stash and its fucking gone I checked my whole room , the area where I had my stash also had a blunt wrap which is still there..which makes me very skeptic but what the fuck my weed is gone and I think I had a bag of seeds and thats gone but some liqour is still in my room I think my dad raided shit and took everything marijuana related I dont even know what 2 tell him hes caught me before and I told him I stopped then he caught me again and wanted 2 put me in rehab all this bullshit and I convinced him somehow 2 believe me now this so i dont know what the fuck hes ganna do:confused: I will let everyone know what goes down when I find out more..
  2. dog ate it/
  3. I fucking hope bro..my puggle eats everything..tv remotes..xbox 360 games..you name it man..but fuck it was a big plastic jar
  4. wow it fell behind my drawer when i pushed everything back..wow that was scary:eek:
  5. Im curious too see how a dog eats an xbox 360 game :laughing:
  6. I'm glad it's safe man, have a bowl

    and don't get caught! :smoke:
  7. Seriously, especially if he believes people need rehab for weed. LAME!
  8. One time we were doing acid, and there was a pug in the house. Like 3 hours into the trip we found a hit on the floor, the fuckin pug could have vaccumed that up at any minute, it eats everything else it finds on the ground.

    I also think we got the cat high from petting it too much :S
  9. i've had that happen before. dropped a sack on my mom's sowing table, checked everywhere, ended up being right under my nose in the pen cup.

    shit had my heart RACING!!!
  10. yea man close calls are no fun:wave:

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