Discussion in 'General' started by Schecter, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. too stoned to watch the OC. started to think about one plot too deep and missed a whole new polt. youd think id learn after the 2nd season.
  2. fuck again...
  3. Happens to me, too. I'm watchin tv and start thinkin' of stuff. People, imo, are very mental, meaning that I and the people I smoke with just think about stuff when we're high.
  4. i tried to watch half baked when i was baked...i only remember the first 5 minutes, maybe i should watch it again
  5. it happens to the best of us
  6. i love the OC. missed the last one tho cuz a friend got kicked out of his house so i set up my tent in the woods and stayed with him.. hotboxed.. ya know :smoke:
  7. The OC is a great show. It was slacking for a while, but has really been picking up lately. I was loving it when seth started getting stoned.
  8. yay im not alone. i like to smoke and watch them cuz you understand it sooo much more and its great then the next day you dont really remembered what happened so u can always watch it again and enjoy it twice, sober.

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