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  1. I took a year off from school last year after graduation high school. I've been too preoccupied so today I tried signing up for school and it turns out all of the placement tests are full so I'm going to have to wait 6 more months to go back. Time to start stacking
  2. This almost happened to me.

    I took a year off after I graduated last year, and I must have waited too long because I missed a couple of deadlines. Luckily I called them up and I have one more shot to get it right. Haha.

    What are you going to school for?
  3. you seem to have given up. i doubt when a kid comes in wanting to go to college theyre gonna say "sorry, placement tests are full, so you cant go to college". especially if youve already been accepted? if youre taking the placement exam you have been accepted. how bout you show some perseverance?
  4. hes trying to hide the fact hes a lazy bum

  5. No they really do things like that at community colleges

    They fill up quick, some of my friends have had similar issues
  6. Yea I was going to a community college. Even if I somehow did the placement test now I wouldn't get a pick at the classes that I would want to take.
  7. Why did you wait so long?

    I also took a year off, it sucks but at least I'm 63% done according to my audit. My mom kinda had to push me in order to get my shit done but yeah never wait for the last minute. EVER! Especially with college shit. They are a mess as it is. Doing things last minute will make it more stressful for you.
  8. Well you could go to a another college, but it's not going to be free:eek: There's always online colleges:D
  9. Stack dat paper.

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