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  1. so i was over my friends the other day, had a zip of good stuff with me...talked to a few friends the zip lessend a little but i put the shit in my house and went to a party on the other side of my building, popped a xanny green at the party, now what i remember is leaving the party cause of lack of girls, going back to my crib, grabbing Pink Floyds The Wall and the rest of my sack, then i went back to my friends, now the rest of the night is kinda shaky, but i remember rolling a blunt and me and this girl were just smoking it to ourselves pretty much cause my other 2 friends were in cooking mode and i was in smoking a blunt mode....now i cant find the rest of my shit...i kinda owe people for that shit...and i cant really afford to just pay it back outa my bank...and worst of all yesterday i go back to my friends to try and look and hes like 'oh im going to the beach' and i was like 'cool ill get my bathing suit' and he calls his mom and unless i drive i couldnt go...which is bullshit cause i smoked this kid out all weekend and i even said 'i wont drive, but ill roll the blunt for the drive' now i even offered this after i just basically lost a zip which i think is pretty god damn generous and he gives me that ultimatum? fuck that. and now hes not home so i cant do a throrugh sweep of his place....


  2. Uhhhhhhhhhh...

  3. i had a zip...took a xanny...

    now its gone

    easier now?
  4. damn man, talk about a shitty night. it could quite possibly be that chick that you smoked with. woudnt suprise me, bitches think they can get away with that shit, but you go over to her house and turn her brown eye blue till she gives your sack back. that xanny fucked you over, thats why i hate em lol.
  5. Haha, that is what I was going to say. Benzos and long nights with ounces never turn out good.
  6. He jacked it and was going to smoke it on the beach

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