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  1. Fuckin gone again...

    Eatin xanax for the third night in a row.

    Snokin a blunt of ganz.

    Drankin liqour.

    Drankin steel 40's.

    Jus spent 45 minutes on the phone with my nig jus bullshtitin on dumb shit haha.

    My ***** all faded on xanax/vicodin/blow/trazadone/liqour.

    Finally about 45 minutes in hes like ***** i gotta bounce to do more main, I said i feel ya im bout to do the same.

    So, More xanax. ;):cool:

    Smkoin a blunt of ganz and sippin the steel.

    My *****s like 'main you a beast drankin them steels.'

    (Steel reserve's 8.1% alch.)

    Im like '*****, Im off steels and xanax and ganz and whiskey *****.
  2. Sounds like your havin a hell of a time.
  3. I can tell in the way you type of how fuckin gone you are.
  4. shit watch out with them benzos bro. don't want anything bad happening.

    but shit some blow doesn't sound bad.
  5. Im gettin into xan's again main.

    Its completes the buzz.

    2 40's of 211, 4-8 shots of whiskey give or take either way. A coule blunts of ganz and a couple bars and feelin how i should.

    In my own zone blowed.

    Fuck the snow.

    I dont fuck with it.

    My cuz, Main basically my way older brother, Release dates 2025. ***** got arrested around june/july 2006.

    20 years for a lil over 2 pounds of soft.

    So i said yeah fuck the blow.

    (Plus my old blow buddy we'd do blow together alot. Less then a year ago he killed two people, Burned down the house and a car high on them rocks.)

    So yeah i stay away.

    But faded off these boys xans kiciin in againa now im done.
  6. eh, I'd say hes good considering he isnt typing allkdjflskadlll liekkkeke thissdifl ya know??
  7. Im not a idiot main, Ive done so many drugs ive done real dumb suprised i didnt die shit.

    I do drugs but im more respoinsible i know i wont ever overdose,

    Im comin down though time for more and fuckin more whiskey,

    Shiet jus realized i got another blunt rolled to smoke.

    Ima be belligerent.
  8. Yeah man thats what I was saying . . .

    You were still typing good even though you are fucked up . . .
  9. Naa i aient meant nutin main.

    Jus was sayin i dont pop like 20 xny bars and drank a fifth ya know lol.

    No disrespect main.
  10. KSR- my brotha. we are alike in ways. Im mad fucked up, since 5pm. Took 1.5mg of xanax when i got off work. Slugged about 5 beers and mlutliple shots sine I went out hours ago. Smoked mad weed. Been chatting with this 'cougar' that I met last week at the bars, she wants to hook up. Now im just feelin droned (drunk and stoned). fuck yea.
  11. duuuuuude +rep for no reason :D
  12. damn good night i bed
  13. I got the cleanest

    meanest penis

    ya never seen this stroke of genius.

  14. still fifth leanin
    like heroin be fiendin
    skinny on the ho's but swimmin
    dining buck cleaning for sure but thievin
    in the alleys cats be schemin
    for rockstars playaz punks hos
    fuck every1 but jus not me and im on one
    and i just dont give a fuck

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    just like a true ***** would ksr, thata boy
    but trazadone? tell yo homeboys to quit fuckin with that shit mane! otherwise, its all gravy baby!
    im feelin at eaze off some benzos as well....very much at eaze, lol, but all i had was a few k-pins and 20 mg of valium...so no xanax here. just buds n benzo's 2nite for 'legit, no boozin.
    have a good rest of the night dog...dont take too many and forget what up though!

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