Discussion in 'General' started by yellow bic, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. this ismore or less my rant about how stupid fucking transmissions are

    THEY FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok now that thats out, i gues i will tell you what happend

    well im onmyway home today and i go to down shitft into thrid,andmywhole cra fuckin ratles hard core, like possesed by satan type rattling andshaking

    so then i realize i have no more third gear, apparently it decided to go on vacation

    not to mention i neverhad arevers to start with, so nowimlookin at a couple grand that i dont have.

    anyone had to get there transmissionreplaced? what kinda wallet damage can i expect?
  2. What kinda ride is it?

    Fuck having somebody do it for you, Do it yourself and you'll save buku money.
  3. You can get a used transmission and cut your costs in half, but you should get an independent mechanic to check it so you don't buy a piece of junk.

  4. Damn right. Car mechanics are notorious for fucking you in the ass on prices. Just get a car-smart person to find out whats wrong and tell you what you need, and spend an afternoon figuring the thing out. It will take some time, but it feels good knowing you fixed your shit on your own, and didnt have to pay out the ass for some tool with a 7th grade education to do it for you.
  5. Dude, I agree, finding an honest mechanic is near impossible, but you can't just fix a transmission yourself, without some major mechanical skill. I've messed around with many small time mechanics over the years, and found that the dealership(though more money) is the best in the long run. This is especially true with the higher end cars. I tried to save money on repairs to Lexus and Mercedes, by avoiding the dealership, and ended up taking it there to reverse the botched job a small time mechanic had done.
  6. Well first off, what year is it? I'm assuming its somewhat older for the transmission to start giving out. Either that, or you really fucked it up big time. Check your warranty. Has it expired? If not you might be able to go back to the dealer and get that shit repaired.

    What model is it?

    Transmissions are nothing cheap. If the car is on it's last leg anyways, you're probably better off looking for a certified pre-owned or something...

    Good luck man, I feel for you as today I was some car trouble myself. Nothing this extreme though. Best of luck man.
  7. who says you need a new transmission to begin with? you might need to rebuild yours and save tons of cash. You said your car started shaking...you might wanna check ur tranny fluids.
  8. usually if one gera gets thrashed the broken metal thrashes the other gears so you might be better off buying a new one rather than tryn to rebuild one. i rebuilt a trany for a for dmustang 5.0 liter and it was a damn bitch

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