Fuck YES!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Redhead Smoka, May 10, 2011.

  1. I have been pretty much dry for about 3 weeks now, so I snooped (lol I like that word)
    around in the shed for my step dad's stash. I'm looking everywhere, and lo and behold, I stand up and there it is, right at eye level, a glorious mountain of dankness. I literally thought I heard angels singing and a glow.
    Now I know, I know you all are gonna be like "that's fucked up to steal from him, blah blah blah..." But I say it's his fault for leaving it out. Besides, I don't think he would care anyway :rolleyes:
  2. Lucky.

    (I honestly don't know what else to say to contribute to this thread)
  3. If your step dad had any self respect he would punch you in the throat for taking it.

    Metaphorically speaking of course.
  4. That's fine, I just wanted to share my happiness!
  5. Luccckkkkky... And yes I would also take some myself
  6. I don't think so. He's let me take from it before, and he had way less weed then. That and he's a pretty nice guy, I couldn't see him doing that to anyone. If anything he needs to punch his son in the throat. Stealing ALL his weed, gettin locked up. I don't think he realizes who has to pay for that shit :mad:
  7. Im sure theres a lot of bud in Mendo so your pops wont trip I suppose. I know a few hardcore growers in your area dude...
  8. just ask him, im sure he'll say yes and he'll trust you more
  9. Before my parents knew i smoked, the first weed i EVER smoked was from my dads stash. For over a year id take a few buds out of his jar and smoke them every night. Wasn't a huge problem when he would buy like an ounce every week or 2 lool...

    Now that i look back on it i wanna fucking punch myself... I was smoking 2 and 3 gram joints every night.... Shit that coulda lasted me a week!
  10. fuck you dawg, ask him if he wants to blaze instead of taking what isnt yours. I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing
  11. I know for a fact he wouldn't mind sharing, but as long as my mom's around that just isn't going to happen. Stupid...

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