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    So as you may or may not have know, i have not smoked in over 6 months cuz of drug court. shit happened back in january and i decided to do diversion. it was supposed to be only 9 months but it was dragged to january, thus a whole year. so i would have been clean for a whole year. however i spoke to the case manager and she said she would hook me up to graduate next month, october.


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  2. Congrats man. I know the feeling. I drive past the P.O. office all the time and think to myself, I don't miss that shit!
  3. :hello:

    I just got off mine last week (had to look at calendar since I don't know what day it is LOL)

    You'll be there soon enough! And man, it's a great feeling when you leave the PO's office for the last time. Best natural high I've ever experienced. It's crazy..I can't describe it in words.

    Having your "freedom" back after all the troubles--priceless.

    Your day will come soon enough!

  4. hahaha, awesomee:)

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