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fuck this

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeweed1, May 16, 2010.

  1. My parents are sending me to some place to get piss tested because before when they found out i smoked i was sleeping a lot. Right now I am working a shit ton and I am taking finals of course im gonna be sleeping a shit ton. She went off on me for sleeping until 930 this morning and until noon yesterday. Because of this she feels the need that I need to be drug tested. Thanks mom for being a cunt yet again. BTW I m 20 and I still live my parents...
  2. i donno dude.

    your 20 years old.. just refuse to do it.
  3. #3 cloud n9ne, May 16, 2010
    Last edited: May 16, 2010
    This sounds about right, unless your mom is one of those really controlling cunt muffins?

    OR you could feed her a brownie, then drug test her and be like 'wtf mom?' when she tests positive :D
  4. I second this.
  5. Man up and tell your mom that you refuse to do it.

    If i was ten years old i think i could have the balls to not piss when my mom told me to.
  6. I ll prob get kicked out if i refuse... My parents are controlling. I m sure im gonna pass the test. Its just some fuckin bullshit.
  7. Tell her no but that may be a problem is she kicks you out so if she will kick you out if you smoke then your going to have to make a choice then
  8. And they provide with a car that I dont even pay insurance on they cover it. So ill lose that too... They are also sending me to some drug counselor because they think I have a problem with weed lol. All they are gonna do isgive me more drugs so i wont even smoke weed.. they really dont things through.
  9. Stop for awhile, get clean, and then start pissing in a bottle and keep it for later!

    Really though, I know where you're coming from. I've been going for about 2 months now, and my rents havent found out. But she does have cheap ass drug tests in the closet of the bathroom from back when I got arrested in 08.
  10. Sorry to hear that man, maybe sneak her some xanax :devious: that should calm her down

    Just kidding bro's, I know it's wrong to drug an unknowing person
  11. At some point you're gonna have to pay your own car insurance, get your own car and shit..

    Good luck.
  12. Were not even talking a home drug test. They are sending me to a clinic to get tested. It's some shit.
  13. then do it.. and if/when you pass, tell them not to ever test you again.. and act all offended and shit.

    then save some cash and gtfo

    my .02

  14. I have a job lol. But because of the economy am only working 15 hours a week. But I'm gonna move out soon
  15. Thats just crazy. Even when i lived with my parents they knew i smoked and they didnt do shit. I worked i was responsible payed my own bills. Refuse that shit get some friends and find your own place.
  16. yeah i saw in your post after i posted :p my bad

    just save your pennies dude.. it's not always about how much you make.. but how much you spend.
    live like a bum for a year or so.. and you'll be surprised how much cash you'll have in the bank by then.
  17. they even went out of town for a week last week and left me home by my self.... they found no evidence that I smoked which i did in my own room lol. They even commented how good the house looked. This shit just came out of no where.
  18. It really sucks that you're only 20... once you turn 24 you could just pull a stafford loan for college and gtfo. Best of luck bro.
  19. lets all hope they dont decide to do a hair test on me... that would be really really really bad. lol
  20. If they try to do a hair test, there's a simple solution: shave your head. Works every time. :smoke:

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