Fuck These Ants

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  1. I cleaned my entire computer desk and got every single little crumb and speck of dust off it, killed all the ants, and they're still hanging around, just to piss me off. I forget about them then one crawls across my screen. Little bastards. They need to burn in fucking hell.
    Little fuckers be like

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  2. i know that they could be annoying, but do you really have to be so harshhhhh  :cry:
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Now that's just mean.
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  5. Ants are the shit man embrace their company  :smoking:
  6. Hands down post of the day,
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  7. I apologize, but regret nothing, I don't think there has been a better opportunity on GC to use this gif. lol.
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  8. Gotta give you props on that. You used it wisely lmao :smoking:
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    You need to kill the hive. 
    The queen must go.
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  10. One time I woke up because something was pinching my balls really hard and it snapped me out of my sleep. I pulled the covers off and there was a bigass ant trying to tear open my nutsack.
  11. [​IMG]
     This is the pharaoh ant, a VERY bad species. 
     If you have this species, you will need to shampoo your carpet well, go through EVERYTHING in your house.
     And I mean everything, every book, appliance, CD/DVD case, nook and cranny you can think of, then spray around every small hole, window, doorway, and make a barrier of pesticide to prevent them from crawling up your cables.
      These don't joke around.  I've lost pets to these fuckers, they've attacked me in my sleep, killed my fuckin hamster, ruined all our food, and made me sick.  They are notorious in hospitals for attacking people after surgery, invading IV tubes to drink insulin, and causing staph infections.  Fuck these fuckers, and fuck the fucking fucker that fucking brought these fuckers to this fucking country.
     Nothing pisses me off more than this species.  If you see these ants in your home, fucking annihilate them, because once they establish in your home, you will be fighting them for years.  Fog bombing has little effect on them, because they hide once they are exposed to poison.
    are you an ant?
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  13. Dude, don't you know?
    The fire ants rose from the ashes of hell. You're going to need something pretty powerful to stop those kind of things at least. 
  14. Fuck aunts

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  15. Two weeks ago they were crawling from my toilet to my cat's food bowl, one week ago they gained dominance in the kitchen sink, and today I found a moderately sized ant trail leading into my girl's purse.
    I'll go ape shit the day they're crawling all over my electronics and into them.
  16. Get an exterminator in there before it gets worse bro
  17. omg that made me LOL in real life.
  18. Na these ants are like tiny little ones, maybe like 1/8th of an inch long. But fuck fire ants too. I stepped on one of their hills when I was a kid and they bit up my entire leg.
  19. I am with you I hate ants but ticks are the worst

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