Fuck the bank.

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  1. Ok, here's the story. I never use the bank. I keep all my money in cash/checks locked up where people won't find them, I don't trust banks....and here's just another reason.

    I always keep around 100 bucks or under in the bank, just in case of emergencies you know....and I needed gas BAD the other day...and I asked my balance. " $27 ". So I withdrew $25 to leave 2 bucks in there. There's no charge if there isn't a certain balance....

    So today I get the mail, and look! It says I owe $48 bucks, and since I'm in the hole, I owe the bank another 53, and every day that I don't pay the money back it's 9.50 a day. But let's see here.....I DIDN'T WITHDRAW 50 AT ALL. So now I owe over 100 bucks for something I didn't do. And the fucking bank won't do jack about it. Fuck this. I'm smoking a bowl.
  2. Man I feel you there. I'm like terrified checking my account balance online, I always cross my fingers and think to myself "please be positive, please be positive..."

    I have my account setup where it automatically transfers $25 from my checkings to savings on the 15th of every month. Well, they sure don't stick to the 15th, they'll just do it whenever I have less than $25, and then they charge a $40 overdraft fee.

    And yea, there just isn't shit I can do about it. I go to the bank and complain

    "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just a teller, you'll have to talk to a manager about that"

    "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just the manager, you'll have to talk to the bank headquarters about that"

    Fuck banks :mad:
  3. Thats the biggest bullshit ive ever heard. Theres gotta be something you can do about that therye just stealing from you. Thats fucking lame.

    I have a savings account I set up with Wells Fargo a long time ago when i was 9 or 10. I never deposited much so it only has a couple hundred in it. But I went down there the other day to get some money out, and they tell me I cant get any out without my dad there because he set it up with me when I was a kid o.0
    They said I cant withdraw money since I was a minor when the account was made, even though im 18, wtf...
  4. its time to smack a bitch

  5. Thats fucked up, I'm sure if you call around to enough people you can get that sorted out. A lot of banks stopped letting their tellers reverse overdraft fees because they were being too lenient about it.

    Yeah, banks fuckin' suck.
  6. im not trying to seem conceited or anything. but i've been banking with my bank since i was about.....10 years old ( its a long story, had to have parent approval in my small town, and as a kid in elementary school we were allowed to set one up, they dont do it anymore )


    i always keep a good amount of money in my account, $1,000+ at LEAST, i don't think it's ever dropped below that and i have never had problems. They treat me very nice and never really pull that kinda crap. not sure how these types of things happen :confused:

    sorry to hear about your loss. :(
  7. I just took a shit by the employees entrance in the back at the bank.
  8. Awesome dude, + Rep
  9. its called over draft protection. its against the law to write bad checks etc with funds that you dont have, over draft protection charges you a small fee, versus reporting you to the police.

    but yeah my buddy overdrafted his debit card buying a pack of smokes, he said it ended up costing him like 54$ for a pack by the time he was done payin the fees
  10. I over drafted a couple months ago...and didn't find out till a week later because I was on vacation right after it happened. So the original fee was $70! (WTF i was only like $5.00 over) then another $35 for the week I wasnt there. I went to the bank and bitched...got sent to the manager and the dude gave me the $70 back and left the $35...I was happy :hello:
  11. i aint got no bank account,,,,,,,,,,,,, fuck a bank,,,, all my cash is in my wallet,,,,, i got a fat wallet,,,,,

    i went thru that shit too,,, fuck a bank,,,, im my own bank,,,, i pay cash or i dont get nothing,,,, [​IMG] :cool:
  12. I'm done with banks. I don't care if I win the fucking lottery, I will keep 350 million dollars in my house. And if someone breaks in, I can float him like 10 mil and not even worry about it.

    But I want to know what the FUCK happened. I have no debit card, no ATM card, and I shredded up my check book. So in order to get money I HAD to go in there. There's no mother fuck out there who even looks like me. I look like a Fabio/Garth/Spicoli gay love child. What bitch took $50 out of my account? I think I'm getting hustled by the bank.
  13. I think you are too, your bank doesn't sound very friendly :(

    a lot of my friends say "If i can't afford it, I don't need it"

    I think its a pretty good philosophy.
  14. Sounds like you guys need a better bank. Whenever I get an overdraft fee all I need to do is call them or go in and ask them nicely to take it off. They always do.
  15. hahahah thats the shit i like to hear... no pun inteneded...

  16. Banks are gay. hook up with a credit union, easily the best deal in banking.

    Let's compare.

    My roommate overdraws his account (suntrust): $50 flat rate for the overdraft fee, plus something like 9 or 10 dollars a day every day he doesn't pay it.

    I overdraw my account, 15 dollar flat fee, no daily or weekly charges.

    My roommate has a rough month and ends up spending most of the money in his checking account, leaving him with $3.78. he finally gets his paycheck and goes to deposit it, excited that he can finally maybe get some bud, something to eat, and buy his girl something. Oops, sorry, Suntrust is for faggots so he has to wait 3-5 (if numbers could be capitalized those would be) days for his PAYCHECK to clear. Not a personal check, just his pay check.

    I have a rough month and end up spending most of the money in my checking account, get my paycheck, got to see Brandy (fuckin' smoking hot teller at my local branch) she smiles, lets me uselessly flirt with her, makes very appetizing small talk, has picture perfect cleavage, and then gives me money/deposit slip. No problem.

    seriously, get a checking acount with a credit union. You'll realize that you pay for some weird things that most banks don't make you pay for, (checks, is actually all I can think of) but in the end you save a lot of money with some of the lowest interest rates around and huge benefits regarding all other fees, which are dramatically reduced from what you would get at "Untrust" and "walkallova-ya"
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  17. the same thing just happened to my room mate, except he owed about 400 bucks because the bank charged him multiple times for no reason.

    he simply checked some paperwork he had, and got his bankers name. then went in to the bank, asked to talk to that exact person, and he made a big deal out of it, and they fixed it all for him. you have to be assertive, and serious about it, and they will work it out.
  18. i hate to say it

    but when dealing with banks, you gotta be just as big of an asshole as they are to you.
  19. *nods*

    Yup, I use an FCU. It's pretty nice. My problem is that I keep losing/destroying my check card by accident. :p
  20. Ursury is evil, it's something that is spoken against in several religions.

    The love of money is the root of all evil, and these banks are corrupt. I do not use a bank at all, I won't, only to cash checks. I would use a gift visa card perhaps, only because I need one to buy things online.

    Things will only get better once people stop supporting these evil institutions. Give them your money, and you're putting your life into thier hands.

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