Fuck tha police!

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  1. Okay, so back in the day, I had this group of girls I would sneak out and drink with RIGHT outside my house. Ha. We would always be screaming and doing dumb shit. Well, one night when I got my hands 2 grams of G-13:smoking:, I had 4 of my friends "D", "K", "J" and "P" stay the night and we called up these hoes. Since Im already using code names were going to call the girls 1 and 2. So before we met up, we rolled up 2 blunts, grabbed a bottle and we were on our way. We met up with them around 1am on the side of my house which is like a secluded dirt road. We spark up the blunts and cracked open the bottle :hello: We were havin a good ol time when P has the idea to go to a church up the road. 1 and 3 liked the idea, so I though "why the hell not". Right when we fucking get there I hear a "whoop whoop" and we all run. Now, this church is also a small school, and me D and K all dip to the back running like Johnny fuckin Rocket. Were in a farm feild with rows of plants or some shit, I dont know what they were, and we were all huddling together thinking of what the fuck to do, staying low of course. There was no sight of J, P, 1 and 2, and we can see that the cop car has gone off road, driving up and down the feilds shining that damn light that everybody knows and loves. So we diggity dip to the back of a barn right on the side of the road. Its pretty far from the church, which is on the same road. So we look to see if we can see the piggy, and we see his car, and thats it. On the other side of this road, is another farming field. I see K dash across the street, so I follow up right behind him along with D. Suddenly I hear and "Uhhmpth" and see K flip. Now, Im running at full speed so I just jump, hoping to clear what K hit. Well, wouldnt you know it, its a barbed fucking wired fence. You know, those ones with like 3 wires going across, I guess that dont really count as a fence, more like a trap o doom. The top of my left foot gets caught on it and my face hits the ground at around 600 mph. I get up without even thinking about, being drunk and all, and me and K look back and D is just standing there. So me and him are yelling at D to crawl through and run, and he takes his sweet ass time. Right when he gets through we see the headlights driving along the road toward us so we just dive on the ground and hope for the best. The field we were in, was just a dirt fucking field. Its normally a strawberry field, but they werent growing at the time. So the cop shines his light along the field for what seems like 20 minutes. The whole time D keeps looking up and me and K keep loud whispereing "put your head the fuck down!" Finally, the cop gets back in his car. Right when I hear that door shut, I get up and run. I could hear the cop screaming at us but I didnt look back. I got to somebody backyard fence and hoped that shit in like .5 seconds. K had the nerve to hop it like 2 inches away from me at the same time and we ended up doing some drunken crash down to the ground. We just kept running till we got back to my house. Then it hit me, we forgot J, P, 1, and 2! We just said fuck it, smoked the last of the ganj, muched out, and passed out :smoking:

    The next morning I call 1 to see what happened, and it turns out they were up at the church until 4 in the morning buggin out. Once they realized the cop was gone, the went to that dirtroad, and slept there??? I dont know why they didnt just call me, I wouldve let them in. :p

    All in all, great night.
  2. LOL nice

  3. Hahaha "my face hit the ground at around 600 mph." Best mental image EVER
  4. Shoulda sat in the field a little longer. Lol, but nice story.
  5. DAMN. 25 lighters on your dresser, yezzir
  6. If that's a Lil' Flip ref, it's "twennyfive doobies on ma dresser, yezzir". but yeah. that sounds like a fucked up night. gotta love anytime you can evade the police though.
  7. Naw it's zero. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OizsQEtqqus"]YouTube - Z-Ro-25 Lighter (Crack)[/ame]
  8. U think J and P fucked 1 and 2? :p

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