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fuck tha police

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by conversation, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. i was just incarcerated for 44 days for possession of under a bowl.
    im only 19 years old and this was my first offense.
    ive never even had detention! haha

    all i gotta say is.....

    fuck tha police. :smoking:
  2. that seems like a harsh sentence. where do you live?
  3. kokomo, in

    a little insight to my town: last month, Forbes Magazine rated Kokomo, In as the 4th fastest dieing city economically in america. aint that some shit?
    and KPD's finest are all dickheads, just because they know they can be.

    no respect.
  4. Blame Congress and your State Representatives. The police only enforce, they don't make the laws...

  5. well said. that sounds like something to contest or retaliate on. i would consider it at least.
  6. yes, but out police force here in kokomo is known for over reacting and giving to harsh a punishment for anything, not just weed.

  7. aren't things like that up to a judge? you can still make a complaint.
  8. well..... 44 days want even my sentence. i was in there for 44 days and then got bailed out by my mom (and the only stipulation was i had to back to college haha). but my court date is on the 22nd. i better not get shit after spendin a month and a half in the block
  9. Damn, no one bailed you out before then?
  10. Jesus christ man, 44 days? I can't believe you didnt get an R.O.R.

    That's fuckin ridiculous....I'm sorry you had a run in with some cops that clearly had nothing better to do.

    I hope things work out for you man.
  11. this sounds like a farce. that just seems like an unreasonable amount of time to spend behind bars for less than a bowls worth of weed, and the bowl itself?

    at most you would get a fine in cali. a 100 fine. 44 days behind bars is crazy. less than a gram??? are you not telling us something? there must have been other reasons to keep you behind bars that long? resist arrest? assault an officer?
  12. yeah fuck the police

    even when they do chenge the laws,

    there will still be rogue cops trying to bust people
  13. Right about now NWA court is in full effect.
    Judge Dre presiding in the case of NWA versus the police department.
    Prosecuting attourneys are MC Ren Ice Cube and Eazy muthafuckin E.
    Order order order. Ice Cube take the muthafuckin stand.
    Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth
    and nothin but the truth so help your black ass?

    Why don't you tell everybody what the fuck you gotta say?

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